How to get past fire doors - Hi-Fi Rush

Find out how to get beyond those great walls of fire in Hi-Fi Rush.

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While shredding through Hi-Fi Rush’s tracks, players will come across various doors that are blocked by streams of fire. These flaming doorways often contain treasures hidden behind them, so it is important to know how to extinguish these doors for those wishing to obtain every collectible in a level. Here’s what you need to know about getting past fire doors in Hi-Fi Rush.

How to extinguish fire doors

Chai facing a fire door in Hi-Fi Rush

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Despite his newfound musical capabilities, Chai is ill-equipped to deal with fire doors by himself. He must instead rely on the help of one of his allies, someone who you will meet several Tracks into the game. You will have to play through at least Track 7 before this person joins Chai’s crew.

The person in question is Korsica, whom Chai meets roughly halfway into the game. It is fitting that the former Head of Security would be the only one who can take down fire walls like these. After completing Track 7, Chai will learn how to use Korsica to extinguish the flames.

Korsica helps Chai deal with the fire door

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Start by approaching the fire door, then press and hold RT to summon Korsica and aim at the fire. When you release the trigger, a brief rhythm minigame will begin. A circle will appear on the screen with one or more green segments on it. After the countdown, your goal is to press RT when the arm in the circle aligns over each green segment. Successfully completing the minigame will cause the fire to stop temporarily and a small timer will appear, indicating how long you have until the flames return.

Now that you know how to put out fire doors in Hi-Fi Rush, you can finish finding graffiti locations and other collectibles hidden throughout each level. Head over to our Hi-Fi Rush archives for more gameplay tips.

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