Try these Zabu decks in Marvel Snap

Here are the best 4-cost cards to pair with Zabu in Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap kicked off the new year with the Savage Land season for January 2023. Those that buy the new Season Pass will receive Zabu, the newest card in Marvel Snap. This card has an Ongoing ability that reduces the cost of 4-cost cards by two energy. If you’re looking for the best Zabu decks in Marvel Snap, we’ve got some for you to try out.

Zabu Sera

Zabu Sera Marvel Snap deck list: Psylocke, Zabu, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Drax, Enchantress, Jessica Jones, Moon Girl, Rescue, White Queen, Crossbones, Sera

Like most Zabu decks, this deck loads up on 4-cost cards in order to take advantage of Zabu’s Ongoing ability. However, the inclusion of Sera really pushes it over the top. If you manage to get Zabu out on turn three or four and play Sera on turn five, you’ll be able to play 4-cost cards for a measly one energy on the final turn of the game. This will allow you to unleash a flurry of cards and swing the game in the final moments.

Worst case scenario: If you don’t draw Zabu, Psylocke will allow you to get a 4-cost card out on turn three, and Sera will enable you to throw down two of them on turn six.

Zabu Surfer

Zabu Surfer Marvel Snap deck list: Ironheart, Silver Surfer, Rogue, Wolfsbane, Brood, Storm, Zabu, Wong, Shang-Chi, Enchantress, Rescue, Sera

This deck takes advantage of the two most recent cards to be featured in a Season Pass: Silver Surfer and Zabu. Wong is already one of the most explosive cards in Marvel Snap, and Zabu allows you to get him on the board for half the cost. Once that’s done, use his Ongoing ability to play out cards like Ironheart and Wolfsbane. Save some room for Silver Surfer on the final turn of the game to amplify those 3-cost cards.


Zabulee deck list: Psylocke, Zabu, Dracula, Jubilee, Wong, Jessica Jones, Moon Girl, White Queen, America Chavez, Hulk, Infinaut, Death

Jubilee is another volatile card in Marvel Snap that you can leverage by getting some powerful cards into your deck. With Zabu cutting her cost in half and Moon Girl doubling your hand, you can let the Jubilee cards fly in the latter half of the game.

Those are a few Zabu decks that we’ve been enjoying in Marvel Snap’s Savage Land season. In addition to the decks we shared, Zabu pairs really well with just about every 4-cost card in the game. We encourage you to experiment with decks of your own, and share some of your favorite Zabu decks with us in the Chatty comment section below!

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