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Follow these steps to obtain the Netflix-inspired armor set in The Witcher 3.


The next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is finally here, and with it comes The Forgotten Wolf armor, a new set of gear inspired by The Witcher Netflix series which resembles the armor worn by Henry Cavill’s Geralt in the show. This guide will explain how to obtain the Forgotten Wolf armor diagrams in The Witcher 3 so that you can craft the armor for yourself.

How to get the Forgotten Wolf armor

The Forgotten Wolf armor set is tied to a new quest that involves delving deep into an underground mine. There are a few nasty enemies ahead, so you will want to come prepared. The quest recommends being at least level 7, though it helps to be a bit higher than that for this quest. Brew up some Swallow and Thunderbolt potions, and bring along extra food for healing. Yrden, Aard, and Quen will be the most useful signs for this quest.

It is also a good idea to bring along some Dwarven Spirit and Celandine, as you will need them to brew a quest-specific potion later. Luckily, there is a merchant selling alchemy items not far from the quest location.

Map showing the location of Devil's Pit

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The quest you are looking for is called In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow and it takes place at the Devil’s Pit in Velen, east of Mulbrydale and southeast of Hanged Man’s Tree. As you approach the pit, you will encounter a young deacon outside who needs help clearing out the mine just beyond the pit gates. Agree to help and then enter Devil’s Pit. Take out the bandits there and make your way down to the large double doors at the bottom of the area.

Geralt speaks with a deacon

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Upon entering the mine, use your Witcher Senses to explore your surroundings for clues. Along the way, you will find a series of notes from someone named Reinald, whom you quickly learn is a witcher. Head up the stairs on the right to find Reinald’s note along with a Greater Glyph of Yrden. Continue toward the large door that has a letter stuck in it. Go through the door, noting the Wolf School symbol off to the side.

Continue forward until you reach a fork in the path. Despite what the strange voice says, you will want to follow the wolf symbols on the ground leading straight, rather than going to the right. The next room contains another of Reinald’s notes and some walls that can be broken using Aard.

Geralt in a cave during the quest In The Eternal Fire's Shadow

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Continue through the passage marked by another wolf symbol to make your way forward, finding more of Reinald’s letters. You will eventually reach a large chamber where you will face a group of Plague Victims. Once they are defeated, look for another wolf symbol and use the ramp to climb up the wall to find Reinald’s room.

Here you will learn how to make Reinald’s Philter, a special potion that will come in handy soon. Brewing it requires the Dwarven Spirit and Celandine mentioned earlier, along with the contents of the nearby chest. You can create the potion from within the alchemy menu.

Geralt learns a new alchemy formula

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Continue forward until you reach a large staircase leading to a door. In the next area, you will find Reinald trapped amongst the salt. Use Aard to break him free. At this point, it should be clear that Reinald is possessed by the Red Miasmal, though you can test this through the dialogue options. When given the choice, you will want to keep the Reinald’s Philter potion for yourself, as it is very useful in the fight against the Red Miasmal.

Red Miasmal Boss Fight

Geralt speaks to Reinald

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Denying him the potion will kick start the boss fight against Reinald, who is still possessed by the Red Miasmal. Reinald will have three health segments to whittle down. He will also use a red Quen bubble for defense that explodes when you get too close, so steer clear when you see the bubble appear around him. While your sword will do most of the work, Yrden and Aard are particularly useful in this battle. Place down a Yrden circle, then when Reinald steps into it, knock him back with Aard.

Dealing the final blow to Reinald will expel the Red Miasmal possessing his body. Now you will have to fight the Red Miasmal itself along with a few Plague Victims it summons throughout the battle. Focus your efforts on the Red Miasmal and dodge his claw swipes and ground flames to dispatch the evil entity.

Once the Red Miasmal has been defeated, Reinald’s ghost will appear, and you will be able to have a witcher-to-witcher chat. He’ll tell you about his armor and why it looks the way it does. Make sure to select all of the dialogue options, not just the yellow ones, if you want to get the best ending for this quest. When asked, agree to bring the deacon to Reinald. During the following conversation, try to remain neutral by saying “Not all priests are wicked,” and “Don’t need a church to do good, priest.”

After the conversation, Reinald’s spirit will be freed and you will part ways with the deacon, who now has a new outlook on life. You should also now have the diagram to craft the Forgotten Wolf armor, which can be equipped at level 20. The diagrams for the rest of the Forgotten Wolf gear are found in Kaer Morhen, on a bookshelf near your stash.

Now that you know how to get the Forgotten Wolf armor diagrams in The Witcher 3, you can head to the nearest armorer to craft your new duds. Check out our other The Witcher 3 content for more gameplay tips and guides.

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