The Shacknews Hall of Fame

The Shacknews Hall of Fame celebrates the teams, games, and hardware that have influenced video game development, culture, and the industry at large.


Welcome to the Shacknews Hall of Fame inaugural class. Based in Canton, OH, the Shacknews Hall of Fame honors the creators, the platforms, the technology, the publications, and the games that have influenced the direction of our industry and shaped our favorite hobby.

Our process and criteria for inductions are outlined below. You can browse the Shacknews Hall of Fame by using the navigational buttons at the bottom of each page. 

Class of 2021

Apple II personal computer.
Apple II personal computer.

Our inaugural class welcomed dozens of influential games, development teams, and more. Inductees include Atari, Pong, id Software's co-founders, and many others.

Class of 2022 - Opening on December 16, 2022

Final Fantasy VII.
Final Fantasy VII.

Learn about the inductees active in the industry since or before 1997. Inductees include the original Worms, PaRappa the Rapper, Mortal Kombat co-creators Ed Boon and John Tobias, and more.

Class of 2023 - Opening on December 16, 2022

F-Zero X.

Learn about the inductees active in the industry since or before 1998. Inductees include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, computer scientist Gordon Moore, and more.

Who Nominates Inductees?

The Shacknews Hall of Fame committee—also known as the "Council of the Old"—comprises editors who draw on their wealth of experience covering the games industry make nominations for induction each year. 

The Council of the Old:

  • Asif Khan – Shacknews Luminary
  • Blake Morse – Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • Bill Lavoy – Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • Morgan Shaver, Senior Editor
  • Ozzie Mejia – Senior Editor
  • Greg Burke – Head Video Editor
  • David L. Craddock – Long Reads Editor
Brenda Romero.
Brenda Romero.

What is the Nomination Process?

Any Council member can make a nomination. The only criteria for nomination is the nominee must have been connected to the industry for at least 25 years. For example, candidates for the Shacknews Hall of Fame Class of 2022 must be connected to the industry before or during 1997. Every candidate is reviewed by the Council and must receive a majority approval to be elected. 

How are Candidates Chosen?

Candidates are judged by the Council according to merit. A developer who created a single game that had enormous influence on their peers and the art and craft of game design carries as much weight as a developer who created hundreds of games of equal influence. The same logic and process apply to all categories of the Shacknews Hall of Fame.

What are the Categories?

The Shacknews Hall of Fame comprises seven wings, or categories. Those wings and their definitions are:

  • Companies: Developers, publishers, and other institutions who have directly or indirectly contributed to the video game industry.
  • Extraordinary Thing: Entities connected to the video game industry that influence gaming culture.
  • Games: The entertainment software that has touched our lives and advanced the industry.
  • Hardware Devices: Consoles, peripherals, and other constructs directly or indirectly linked to the industry.
  • Media: Publishers, critics, and other outlets whose coverage has contributed to the advancement of gaming knowledge and culture.
  • People: Developers, publishers, composers, designers, and other individuals who have contributed to the industry.
  • Software: Programs that facilitate game development or play between users, or otherwise influence gaming culture.
Colossal Cave Adventure.
Colossal Cave Adventure.

When are New Classes Introduced to the Hall of Fame?

The Shacknews Hall of Fame reveals new classes every December alongside our Year of the Games (aka Game of the Year) content reflecting on the previous 12 months of video game releases and news.

Where Can I Share My Thoughts on Each Hall of Fame Class?

The Shacknews Chatty is our forum where our community weighs in on every topic imaginable. Every Hall of Fame class will have an accompanying Chatty thread where you are encouraged to share your thoughts on and memories of inductees.

Shack Staff stories are a collective effort with multiple staff members contributing. Many of our lists often involve entires from several editors, and our weekly Shack Chat is something we all contribute to as a group. 

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