Shacknews Best Fighting Game of 2022 - MultiVersus

Player First Games impressed us with a unique take on the platform fighter in MultiVersus.


With the enduring success of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, we’ve seen several developers try their hand at the platform fighting genre, with very few finding success. Player First Games and Warner Bros. managed to deliver not only a platform fighter worthy of going head-to-head with Nintendo’s beloved game, but also carves out its own unique identity. MultiVersus is Shacknews’ best fighting game of 2022.

What immediately impressed us about MultiVersus was the sheer attention to detail with every character featured. Like similar games that will not be named, it would have been easy to just toss in a bunch of recognizable faces and coast on the feelings of nostalgia that they evoke in players. However, Player First Games put a lot of love into making each character feel authentic. From Batman’s zippy movements yet heavy-hitting attacks to the bag of tricks that is Bugs Bunny. It’s also cool to hear a lot of beloved actors return to their iconic roles. MultiVersus’ star-studded voice cast includes Kevin Conroy, John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, and Maisie Williams.

From a gameplay standpoint, the controls in MultiVersus feel tight and responsive. Similar to Smash and other fighting games, the hardcore players will count frames, carefully constructing the perfect combos. This is also where Player First Games carve a unique identity for MultiVersus. The game is designed to be played in a 2v2 format, with the characters taking on roles like Tank and Support. The cooperation aspect adds a fresh and interesting wrinkle that adds further layers to strategy.

There is also a perk system that provides various boosts to players in matches. While we were initially skeptical about this feature, it actually opens the door for some interesting strategies and character builds.

Since its launch earlier this year, MultiVersus has continued to expand its roster with new characters from the Warner Bros. catalog. With a rock-solid foundation, the future is incredibly bright for MultiVersus.

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