Shack Chat: What is your favorite reveal from The Game Awards 2022?

The Game Awards 2022 was filled with some incredible reveals and the Shack staff is here to share our favorites.


The Game Awards was an amazing showcase for this year's best games, but also one that gave everyone a glimpse into what's coming over the next year and beyond. There were a lot of surprises and a lot of games that got us excited for the future. The Shacknews staff each had our own favorites and we're here to weigh in with those for this week's Shack Chat topic.

Question: What is your favorite reveal from The Game Awards 2022?

Hades 2 - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Game Awards Attendee

It's really kind of amazing, because this was both a really easy answer and also an agonizingly tough one. There's so much to be excited about. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, Viewfinder, Hellboy, Bayonetta Origins, Baldur's Gate 3, Earthblade, Judas, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, Final Fantasy 16, and a bunch that I'm sure I'm forgetting. One would think that picking between these would be tough.

With that said, I don't think anyone understands just how much Hades consumed me when it came to Nintendo Switch. I picked it up and never looked back. It was a total phenomenon that completely turned me around on what it means to play a roguelike, which used to be among my most hated types of games. For Supergiant Games to make a sequel for the first time in its history, even they appear to have realized that they had something special on their hands.

I'm beyond excited for Hades 2 and, more than anything, I'm excited to get in on the ground floor. Unlike last time, I'm 100 percent in when it hits Steam Early Access and I'll ride this one out until release. If it's even half what the first game was, it's going to be the best game I play in whatever year it comes out.

Also, shoutout to Chatty's Borzoi for reminding us that last night wasn't the only showcase of reveals. She'd like to share MathChief's indie gaming showcase, which features a reveal from The Axis Unseen, a game that Chatty's own lplasmatron is hard at work on! Congratulations, lplasmatron!

Armored Core 6 - TJ Denzer, Senior Core Pilot

I like Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring a lot, but I was concerned that the success of the Soulsborne genre was always going to keep FromSoftware away from something I’ve longed to see again: Armored Core. The last mainline Armored Core game came out in 2012 and there has been little of satisfactory value since. I had almost given up hope, even despite rumors of a possible return of the franchise, especially because Elden Ring sold so well.

I’m happy to have been shocked. When we saw FromSoftware paired alongside giant mecha in that trailer, I popped more for a trailer than I’ve popped for a trailer in a long time. This is what I’ve been waiting for, something I’ve craved… A proper new Armored Core full of new mecha combat and customization in cutting edge graphics. Between Hades, Remnant 2, and a few other games, there was a lot I enjoyed at The Game Awards 2022, but Armored Core 6 legitimately blew it all out of the water. I cannot wait to strap in and fight the good fight again.

Burning Shores for Horizon Forbidden West - Morgan Shaver, Gimme all the DLC

While I was thrilled to see games like Hades 2 revealed at The Game Awards 2022, along with some exciting performances including one at the end of the show featuring the world’s best flutist, I can’t help but feel the most excitement in regards to the Horizon Forbidden West news that dropped. Specifically, that Horizon Forbidden West is getting an expansion in 2023 called Burning Shores which adds in a post-apocalyptic version of the Los Angeles area for players to explore. Adding to this, the trailer complemented this area reveal with the Hollywood sign getting demolished by a massive machine in true Horizon fashion, which I thought was pretty rad. As an honorable mention, I also enjoyed seeing another trailer for a different DLC, Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077, which featured the likes of Idris Elba. Who doesn’t love Idris Elba? That DLC is going to be amazing, just as I’m certain Burning Shores will be for Horizon Forbidden West.

Armored Core 6 - Blake Morse, Giant Robot Aficionado

Armored Core 6 reveal at The Game Awards 2022

Source: Bandai Namco

I have been clamoring about how From Software needed to get back to doing the giant robot thing for quite some time now. Especially after seeing their fantasy titles get so much critical acclaim. But I’m way more of a Sci-Fi fan myself, and I knew they had it in them. Granted, the last Armored Core was some time ago and I do not recall it being the most solid game I’d ever played. Still, I feel like From Software has gone through a bit of a renaissance since then and I’m excited to see the series come back after skipping a generation of consoles. Give me more giant robots!

Remnant 2 - Sam Chandler, Dark Souls connoisseur

I loved everything about Remnant: From the Ashes and I was disappointed when it looked like the team at Gunfire Games were done with the world. So you can imagine my delight when I instantly recognized the world of Remnant at The Game Awards. I can’t wait to blast some weird, alien, tree-like enemies once more.

Hades 2 - Bill Lavoy, Sole Survivor

Hades 2 reveal from The Game Awards 2022

Source: Supergiant Games

It’s a toss up for me between Hades 2 and Death Stranding 2, but I’m going to give the nod to Hades 2 due to the fact I never would have guessed this was being announced tonight. This was straight out of left field for me. I was a bit late getting to the original Hades, but that won’t be an issue again. I have no idea when it’s releasing, but I’ll be ready when Hades 2 drops.

Remnant 2 - Dennis White Jr., Social Media Guru

Remnant 2 reveal from The Game Awards 2022

Source: Gearbox Publishing

I’m extremely hype for Tekken 8 and SF6, but since both had their official reveals before tonight, I’m going to show some love to Remnant 2. Remnant 2 looks really interesting and I love some of the enemy designs I’ve seen so far. There seems to be a pretty massive scale on display as well which makes me excited to dive into the world and try out different weapons and take some of these big baddies head on. I think there were elements to Remnant: From the Ashes that had potential with enough fine tuning and it seems like they are really going for it this time around. I also really look forward to giving this game a try with friends.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - Donovan Erskine, Ghostly Editor

I love what Don’t Nod brings to its games from a storytelling perspective. If they’re able to inject that level of narrative into an action game with some gameplay mechanics that are at least competent, I’ll be a happy camper. The world of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is also one that I instantly want to learn more about.

Dead Cells DLC/Blue Protocol Combo-Steve Tyminski, RPGs for days!

What was my favorite reveal from the Game Awards this year? I think there were two reveals that caught my attention from the show. The first was from the half-hour pre show where the Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC was announced. Dead Cells is a game that I have thought about getting into and with new content with Castlevania music and characters joining in, it’s a perfect time to get into the game.

The other reveal was Blue Protocol, an anime-style MMORPG that will be free-to-play. That being said, it sounds like a game that I want to check out as I like anime and the fighting style from the trailer looked my style. I also like the idea of getting to use monsters, named Echoes, to fight and do my dirty work for me. I have to say that the Mario Brothers Movie clip was great to see too as there were plenty of hidden gems that you would have to have been paying attention to notice.

Those are our choices and, judging by the Chatty threads since last night, you all seem to be quite vocal about what you liked. Let's keep that conversation going here. Give us your favorite reveal from The Game Awards!

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