Sonic Frontiers voice actor and cast list

Here is the full list of voice actors featured in Sonic Frontiers.


Sonic Frontiers is the latest outing for the blue blur, and sees him going on an adventure unlike we’ve ever seen. It’s a narrative-heavy game, with Sonic interacting with several of his most iconic allies and foes. If you’ve been playing along and want to know who exactly is behind the voices, we can show you the full cast list for Sonic Frontiers.

Spoiler warning: Cast details will reveal characters that appear in Sonic Frontiers. Proceed with caution.

Sonic Frontiers voice actor and cast list

Here is the full list of voice actors and their respective roles in Sonic Frontiers. Some of these names will be familiar to fans, as they’ve been part of the franchise for many years. Let’s take a look at who’s behind the voices of Sonic Frontiers.

Roger Craig Smith - Sonic

Roger Craig Smith and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Roger Craig Smith plays Sonic in Sonic Frontiers.

Roger Craig Smith is synonymous with Sonic the Hedgehog and returns to voice the iconic character in Sonic Frontiers.

Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Tails

Colleen O'Shaughnessey and Tails
Colleen O'Shaughnessey plays Tails in Sonic Frontiers.

Colleen O'Shaughnessey lends her talents to the role of Tails in Sonic Frontiers.

Dave B. Mitchell - Knuckles

Dave B. Mitchell and Knuckles
Dave B. Mitchell plays Knuckles in Sonic Frontiers.

Knuckles makes an appearance in Sonic Frontiers and is played by Dave B. Mitchell.

Cindy Robinson - Amy Rose

Cindy Robinson and Amy Rose
Cindy Robinson plays Amy Rose in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic's recurring love interest Amy Rose is voiced by Cindy Robinson in Sonic Frontiers.

Mike Pollock - Doctor Eggman

Mike Pollock and Doctor Eggman
Mike Pollock plays Doctor Eggman in Sonic Frontiers.

Iconic foe Doctor Eggman returns in Sonic Frontiers and is played by Mike Pollock.

Ryan Bartley - Sage

Ryan Barley and Sage
Ryan Bartley plays Sage in Sonic Frontiers.

Sage is a brand-new character in Sonic Frontiers and is played by Ryan Bartley.

Kyle Hebert - Big the Cat

Kyle Herbert and Big the Cat.
Kyle Herbert plays Big the Cat in Sonic Frontiers.

Kyle Hebert plays Big the Cat, a popular side character in the Sonic franchise.

That's the cast of voice actors in Sonic Frontiers. If you're curious about what we thought of the game, be sure to read our review.

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