Where to find the Chemist in DMZ - Warzone 2.0

Find out where to take down the Chemist and get his coveted M13B assault rifle in the DMZ in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Warzone 2.0.


Players looking to obtain the newly added M13B assault rifle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will need to take down the Chemist in Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode. Killing and looting this AI boss in DMZ is the only surefire way to get the M13B. This guide explains how to find and kill the Chemist in DMZ so you can add this coveted AR to your arsenal.

Where to find the Chemist

A map of the DMZ showing the radiation symbol where the Chemist is found

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The Chemist is an AI boss that is found within the radiation zone when playing DMZ. Upon spawning into the DMZ, open the map and look for the circle with the radiation symbol in the middle. You will find the Chemist somewhere within this irradiated area.

Although finding the Chemist isn’t all that difficult, getting to him will require a bit of planning and patience. Before heading to the radiation zone, you will want to have a gas mask or radiation blockers equipped, otherwise you will sustain radiation damage once you enter the zone. Gas masks can be looted from containers or purchased from a Buy Station for $2,000. Radiation blockers are also good to have in the radiation zone and they last 120 seconds once used. Radiation blockers are typically found within medicine cabinets and first aid kits throughout the DMZ.

Once you have a gas mask or radiation blockers equipped, you can start making the trek to the radiation zone with your squad to battle the Chemist. Another option is to exfil right after getting a gas mask. This way you will have the gas mask right from the start the next time you enter DMZ, allowing you to head straight for the Chemist and giving you more time to take him down.

How to kill the Chemist

When you reach the radiation zone, look for an enemy AI wearing a yellow hazmat suit. Taking down the Chemist and the surrounding enemy AI can prove to be quite challenging, especially when playing solo, so it’s best to go after the Chemist with a squad. Don’t bother trying to roll into the radiation zone in a truck either, as the vehicle will stall as soon as it enters the zone.

The M13B Assault Rifle that is earned by defeating the Chemist in DMZ

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Once the Chemist is defeated, he will drop the M13B assault rifle. Collecting the weapon from his body and successfully extracting with it will unlock the gun and add it to your arsenal. Alternatively, you could get lucky and loot the gun from another player’s body, or you could have a friend bring one in and drop it for you. As long as you extract with it, the gun is yours. Check out our Warzone 2.0 page for more information on Call of Duty’s improved battle royale mode.

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