Marvel Snap's The Power Cosmic Season adds Silver Surfer and Token Shop

Marvel Snap's next season will introduce the Token Shop and a slew of new cards.


Marvel Snap is currently in the midst of its Warriors of Wakanda season, but developer Second Dinner is already looking ahead to what’s next. The studio has revealed The Power Cosmic as its next season, which brings a crop of new cards to unlock such as Silver Surfer, Thanos, and Galactus. It will also add the Token Shop, a new way for players to unlock cards.

Second Dinner shared the major dump of Marvel Snap news in a new video hosted by Chief Development Officer Ben Brode. The studio also uploaded a blog post that dives into all the fine details. The Power Cosmic season will kick off in December, and with it comes the Token Shop, which offers a new way to acquire cards outside of the randomness of increasing your Collection Level.

Every eight hours, a Series 3 card that you don’t own will be featured in the shop. It can be purchased with Collection Tokens, which are earned by increasing your Collection Level. If there’s a card you want in the shop, but you don’t have the Tokens, you can pin it and keep it there until you do.

The Power Cosmic will also introduce Series 4 and Series 5 cards to Marvel Snap. Series 4 and Series 5 cards are far rarer than those found in Series 3 and feature some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. One of the new cards spotlighted in the video is Silver Surfer. This 3-Cost 0-Power card has an On Reveal ability that gives your other 3-Cost cards +3 Power. The studio also confirmed that the following cards will come to Marvel Snap in its next season.

  • Luke Cage [Series 4]
  • Absorbing Man [Series 4]
  • She-Hulk [Series 4]
  • Titania [Series 4]
  • Maria Hill [Series 4]
  • Agent Coulson [Series 4]
  • Helicarrier [Series 4]
  • M’Baku [Series 4]
  • Attuma [Series 4]
  • Orka [Series 4]
  • Bast [Series 5]
  • Shuri [Series 5]
  • Thanos [Series 5]
  • Galactus [Series 5]
  • Valkyrie [Series 5]
  • Super Skrull [Series 5]

Marvel Snap continues to add new mechanics and features from its original roadmap. If you’re curious about diving into the game yourself, we were huge fans in our Shacknews review.

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