Wide World of Electronic Sports: Episode 157

Gym leader Lord Emvee would like to battle!


Good day gamers from across the world! The Wide World of Electronic Sports returns for its 157th installment today at 3:30 pm PDT/ 6:30 pm EDT on our Shacknews Twitch channel. Join hosts Denny Von Doom and myself for all of the fun.

At the top of the hour we’ll be discussing all things Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for the Nintendo Switch. From competitive viability, to performance issues, the title has been the topic of conversation online for the past 4 days. To help dive in a little deeper on the topic we have special guests Donovan Erskine and Lord Emvee joining the fun today.

Shortly after this we’ll be discussing all of the happenings in the Fighting Game Community over the weekend. Between Dreamhack Atlanta 2022, APEX 2022, and Path to Glory the FGC had its hands full with great matches and titles to dive in on. In addition to this the highly anticipated title Street Fighter 6 has recently stated that the title will have an option for a more simplistic controller layout. Capcom has been working hard to implement new methods to get newer players in on the Street Fighter fun and this controller layout seems to be the proper step in the right direction.

Later on is our Esports Rundown of the program where we’ll touch on some smaller, yet equally impactful stories from over the weekend as well. Last but certainly not least is everyone’s favorite bite-sized portion of the program, Sauce Talk. Popeyes is back in the headlines, but time for their newly released Blackened Chicken sandwich. Can this new installment live up to the hype of their previous chicken sandwich? You’ll have to tune in to get our thoughts on this.

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Rodney is the current co-host of Wide World of Electronic Sports as well as an interviewer and journalist.

His fiery passion for all things gaming was initially sparked by his father –who at the time worked the electronics section at Walmart– purchased him and his younger siblings Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color.

As a natural performer you can find the majority of Rodney's work in gaming in front of the camera in esports. He's worked in commentary, interviewing, and hosting positions for various companies such as AT&T, Red Bull, Amazon Prime Video, CEO Gaming, and NXNE! When Rodney isn't doing something gaming related you can find him writing theatre music, hosting sneaker conventions, and much more!

Rodney can be reached at rodneyconyersjr@shacknews.com and on Twitter @rodneyconyersjr.

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