How to get the Master Ball - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here's how you can get the Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Capturing Pokemon as you build your collection and fill out the Pokedex is a core aspect of the franchise. This is done with Pokeballs, which come in many forms that allow better success with catching Pokemon under specific circumstances. The Master Ball is the rarest Pokeball in existence and can catch any Pokemon without fail. It makes a return in the Paldea region, so let’s look at how you can get the Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Warning: Light story spoilers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are below. Proceed with caution.

How to get the Master Ball - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A screenshot of Director Clavell giving my player the Master Ball.

The Master Ball is given to the player by Director Clavell after completing the final story mission, The Way Home. Clavell will ask to speak to you in his office. After some dialogue, he’ll reward you with the Master Ball for all of your efforts.

The interaction with Clavell happens immediately after credits roll on the game. To access The Way Home quest, you’ll need to complete Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s three main storylines: Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends.

What to use the Master Ball on

The Master Ball can catch any wild Pokemon with a 100% success rate. It essentially guarantees you one catch in the game. Traditionally, players have reserved their Master balls to for one of the game’s Legendary Pokemon, as their catch rate is significantly higher than other creatures. Other players like to hold onto the Master Ball and keep it for a rainy day. If you happen to come across a Shiny Pokemon in the Wild, it’s great to have a Master Ball in your inventory as a last resort option.

That’s how you get the Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As you continue your journey through Paldea, be sure to bookmark the Shacknews topic page dedicated to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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