How to Unlock Nitroglycerine - Hitman 3

Find out how to unlock this handy explosive item in Hitman 3.


Nitroglycerine is an explosive item that has been featured throughout the Hitman games and is now available in Hitman 3 as part of the November Roadmap of content. Nitroglycerine is great for taking out targets with a bang. This guide will explain how to unlock Nitroglycerine so you can add it to Agent 47’s arsenal in Hitman 3.

How to unlock Nitroglycerine

Nitroglycerine comes in a small vial that will explode upon contact with any surface. To get it, players must complete one of two Elusive Target Arcades, The Phantoms or The Malefactors. While both mission sets require players to eliminate several targets in a row across multiple stages, the arcade version does not lock you out permanently for failing a contract and you can try again in 12 hours.

A vial of nitroglycerine in Hitman 3

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The Phantoms mission set involves taking out The Black Hat, The Fugitive, and The Censor, with the optional complication of having no recordings during the run. Meanwhile, The Malefactors mission set will have players go after The Sensation, The Badboy, and The Rage, with the optional restriction of taking out targets only.

Once you have successfully eliminated every Elusive Target and complete either The Phantoms or The Malefactors, you will unlock Nitroglycerine as a new item to equip in your loadout. Check out our Hitman 3 page for more guides and tips.

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