How to complete the Witch's Brew challenge - Overwatch 2

Find out where to look for Witch Mercy's secret lair during Overwatch 2's Wrath of the Bride Halloween event.


Challenges are a new addition to Overwatch 2, giving players a way to earn Battle Pass XP, Overwatch Coins, and other items. The first Event Challenges have arrived with the return of Halloween Terror, which features a new limited-time co-op mode called Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride.

One Halloween Terror challenge that may have players puzzled is the Witch’s Brew challenge, as it asks players to “uncover the fate of a terror past in a hidden corner of Aldersbrunn in Wrath of the Bride.” This guide will explain how to complete the Witch’s Brew challenge in Overwatch 2 so you can mark off one more challenge on your list.

How to Complete Witch’s Brew

Event screen in Overwatch 2 showing Witch's Brew challenge

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The Witch’s Brew challenge involves finding the Witch Mercy’s lair hidden somewhere in the Wrath of the Bride co-op mode. Start by queuing up for Wrath of the Bride from within the Arcade section. Play through the match until you are ambushed by The Summoner Symmetra and Gargoyle Winston outside the castle gate, shortly after facing the Marionette Echo.

The passage in the wall of the castle for the Witch's Brew

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Defeat the pair alongside your teammates and Ashe will move to blow up the gate doors. At this point, the hidden lair should be open, and all you have to do is find it. Just before going inside the castle, hang a left toward the shallow pool of water on the side and look for a passage in the wall with a faint light glowing from within. You will have to crouch beneath some low-hanging boards to enter the passage.

Inside of the Witch's Lair in Overwatch 2

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Once you enter the lair, you will complete the Witch’s Brew challenge, which will be confirmed by a notification on the screen. Once you have successfully completed the challenge, you will receive the “It’s Always the Widow” voice line for Sojourn. Be sure to check out our other Overwatch 2 page for more gameplay tips.

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