How to unlock new cards - Marvel Snap

Here's an explanation on how to add to your card collection in Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap is the newest card battling game on the market, bringing the comic company's most recognizable names together to clash in a new way. From some of the original Hearthstone creators at Second Dinner, Marvel Snap has dozens of cards already available, many carrying over from the game's beta period. How does one go about getting those cards, though? Shacknews is here with the answers.

How to unlock new cards - Marvel Snap

Getting new cards in Marvel Snap is mostly easy. Getting the cards you want is a different matter entirely, because cards cannot be crafted. We can't guarantee you'll get the cards you want right away, but here are some answers regarding how to increase your collection.

What is the Collection Level and how do I increase it?

The Collection Level screen in Marvel Snap

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Increasing your Collection Level is the easiest way to earn new cards. As your Collection Level goes up, you'll earn rewards that include Credits, Boosters, and Mystery Cards. These Mystery Cards, as implied, will always be random, but they'll usually be ones worth using. Make sure to use these new cards in games, so that you'll earn Boosters for them (win or lose). You can then upgrade these cards to further up your Collection Level and get even more Mystery Cards.

Upgrading your cards between games will be the easiest way to increase your Collection Level. View any of your cards in your collection and press the button along the right side of the screen. You'll be prompted to upgrade your card using Credits and Boosters. If you have the required number of Credits and Boosters, you can increase your card's rarity, which will increase your Collection Level.

Complete your Battle Pass, even the free one

The Symbiote Invasion Battle Pass in Marvel Snap

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If you have the Premium Battle Pass, you'll often pick up card variants that you can add to your collection. However, if you'd rather not spend the $9.99 USD for each Battle Pass, the free track is still worth completing anyway. That's because the end of every Battle Pass will have a special card or card variant that will be awarded to all players who complete it, regardless of whether they've spent money or not.

These reward cards have included Blue Marvel and Miles Morales, just to name a few examples, and different cards will be offered with each new Battle Pass. Work towards completing the Battle Pass, because it'll be worthwhile more often than not.

Buy variants from the in-game shop

Variants in the Marvel Snap shop

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The in-game shop will have regular rotating offers on card variants for cards that are already in your collection. These variants are another way to add to your collection. Yes, you may already have these heroes. However, if you have extra Boosters for these heroes, they become another way to help add to your Collection Level.

These are some ways to find new cards for your Marvel Snap collection. We're playing a lot of Marvel Snap ourselves and we'll keep sharing our findings with the community. Make sure to bookmark the Marvel Snap topic page, as we'll have some occasional guides here at Shacknews. Marvel Snap is available now on the App Store and Google Play store and is on Steam Early Access.

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