Bo Jackson has never played as himself in Tecmo Bowl

Bo Jackson is a living legend and one of the most unstoppable forces in the classic video game, Tecmo Bowl, but he's never played the game.

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When it comes to Tecmo Super Bowl, one thing is unarguable: Bo Jackson is a near-unstoppable force even for expert players on the other side. His legend in football and in the video game is strong, but a startling revelation was shared by the man himself recently. Bo Jackson has never played Tecmo Bowl, let alone as the Raiders on which he is the primary weapon.

Bo Jackson shared this surprising news on the Rich Eisen Show, which was posted on October 20, 2022. In an interview with the player, Bo Jackson was asked if he’d ever played himself in Tecmo Bowl. He said no, he’d never even played the game.

“I have heard that I was good [in the game],” Jackson revealed. “But I’ve never played it. I’ve still got the video game in the original package. It hasn’t been opened. I got the [console] to play it in… and I’m saving it for my grandson.”

Perhaps even cooler, if not a little less surprising is that Bo Jackson has a copy of the game in which he was a star performer. It is a little surprising that he kept it and hasn’t opened it. Tecmo Bowl, unopened and in the packaging, runs in the thousands of dollars range if you take a look at eBay. That’s quite the gift for Jackson’s grandson. Moreover, if they do open it, it should make for a heck of a story and some fun.

Bo Jackson's Tecmo Super Bowl appearance in the Shacknews Hall of Fame
Bo Jackson's unstoppable offense on the Raiders in Tecmo Bowl put him squarely in the Shacknews Hall of Fame.

Bo Jackson was so good in Tecmo Bowl that he ended up in our Video Game Football Hall of Fame, as well as the Shacknews Hall of Fame. He may not have played himself, but he’s still the game’s undisputed champion. The legacy will always live on.

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