Divinity is getting a nerf in Destiny 2

After months of Guardians complaining about Divinity being too strong, this end game Exotic is getting a big nerf.


Well, Guardians, Divinity is finally getting a nerf in Destiny 2. The announcement came from today’s edition of This Week at Bungie. Let’s dig into all the juicy details.

An image showing the King's Fall raid in Destiny 2
A Divinity nerf from 30 percent global debuff to 15 percent global debuff will cause fireteams to reconsider their damage phases in raid encounters.
Source: Bungie

Divinity is a raid Exotic from the Garden of Salvation. It’s a weapon that applies a 30 percent global debuff to targets when they’re hit with sustained damage from Divinity. It also creates a large crit spot on the target that allows Guardians to deal crit damage more effectively without worrying about missing their shots. Divinity became a must-have for certain situations, such as Contest Mode on the first day raids were released.

According to today's TWAB, in Season 19, Divinity will have its global debuff reduced from 30 percent to 15 percent, bringing it more in line with other global debuff options. Given how easy it is to use Divinity, and how strong a 30 percent global debuff is, it was making other options non-options if you wanted optimal DPS in certain boss encounters.

This change will come as welcome news to players who are worried that future raid encounters will be built around the assumption that Guardians will use Divinity. This can lead to more difficult mechanics, larger pools for boss health, and an even heavier reliance on Divinity to pass damage checks.

At first glance, Divinity will still be incredibly strong with its global debuff cut in half. It’s still going to have an incredible amount of uptime, and it will create a large crit spot that will continue to synergize well with the current Linear Fusion Rifle meta. So, Divinity is getting a nerf but should remain quite effective. If that’s the case this is a win for all involved.

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