Overwatch 2 maintenance & server status

As an online multiplayer game, Overwatch 2 is subject to server problems, maintenance schedules, and sometimes downtime.


Overwatch 2 offers an improved and sharpened experience compared to the first, but some problems can still crop up, like server issues and maintenance windows. For those that run into error codes when launching Overwatch 2, it can be an incredibly frustrating situation, especially if you don’t know what’s going on. Below are some tools and sites you can visit to figure out if the problem is on your end or if Blizzard is currently working on the backend.

Overwatch 2 maintenance & server status

When Overwatch 2 first launched, players flooded to the game in a bid to experience everything on offer. Unfortunately, the Overwatch 2 servers suffered a DDoS attack, as mentioned by President of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Ybarra via a tweet. This distributed denial of service attack meant players were dropping from the game or suffering connection issues.

Mercy in Overwatch 2
Sometimes good support is needed outside of the game, especially when server problems and connection errors appear.
Source: Blizzard

As the game spends more time in the hands of the public, one of the first places you should look when encountering issues is Blizzard CS Twitter account. This is the official customer support account that will flag whenever there are server problems or ongoing maintenance for Overwatch 2.

Following this, you can check out the Overwatch Technical Support area on the Blizzard forums. This will have critical information pinned at the top and a wealth of player-submitted threads below. Check here whenever you suspect there are server issues or you are experiencing error codes. Sometimes someone may have already found a solution to your problem.

Another place to check is Down Detector. This site is dedicated to showing whether or not other players are also experiencing technical issues. The graph shows how many connection error reports are being raised along a 24 hour timeline. The chunkier the graph, the more outages in Overwatch 2.

Finally, it’s not unusual for online games like Overwatch 2 to go down for weekly maintenance. Remember to check in with the above sites to get an idea of whether the issue you’re experiencing is affecting everyone else or whether you need to troubleshoot your own settings and hardware. For more on this eagerly awaited sequel, read over out Overwatch 2 page.

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