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Sojourn hero abilities & tips - Overwatch 2

Learn how to conquer battle as Sojourn, Overwatch 2's newest DPS hero.


Overwatch 2’s newest DPS hero, Sojourn, is a former Overwatch Captain who has a kit that features charged shots, energy weapons, and decent mobility tools. Whether she is sliding into position or sniping enemies from a distance, Sojourn is equipped to disrupt her opponents and turn the tide of battle. This guide gives an overview of Sojourn’s kit and provides strategic tips for making the most of her cybernetic capabilities.

Sojourn abilities

Sojourn's ability screen in Overwatch 2

Source: Shacknews
  • Railgun – Sojourn’s primary weapon is a rapid-fire Railgun that generates energy upon hitting enemies. The energy is used to charge up her secondary shot: a high-impact blast that consumes stored energy when fired. The more energy you have stored, the more damage the charged shot will do.
  • Power Slide – Sojourn’s first ability is a ground slide that cancels into a high jump that launches her upward. Great for reaching high places as well as slipping away when it’s time to retreat.
  • Disruptor Shot – Sojourn’s second ability allows her to fire an energy burst that slows and damages enemies caught within its area of effect.
  • Overclock (Ultimate) – Sojourn’s ultimate automatically charges up her Railgun energy for a short amount of time, allowing her charged shots to pierce enemies. Her ultimate doesn’t last very long, so make every shot count.

Sojourn strategies & tips

Sojourn in a battle in Overwatch 2

Source: Shacknews

Sojourn is a cybernetically enhanced mid-range hero who can pummel enemies with energy shots while also sniping from a distance. Precision and proper positioning are crucial for making the most of Sojourn’s capabilities.

  • Fully charge your secondary shot before firing it off. The more energy you have stored with your Railgun, the more damage your charged shot will do. Aim for headshots to make the most of your secondary fire.
  • Aim Disruptor Shot at groups of enemies. Disruptor Shot is an area of effect ability that will damage and snare enemies caught within its orb. The slowing effect gives Sojourn a brief opportunity to land shots with more precision, so be sure to follow up with your Railgun to secure some eliminations.
  • Stay mobile. Sojourn’s Power Slide ability gives her the means to reach high vantage points while also having a quick way to escape when necessary. Though you can use Power Slide to get up high and attack from different angles, you may want to reserve it for when you need to slide to safety.
  • Charge your Railgun by shooting at tanks. If the enemy team has a bullet-sponge tank, use them as a means of charging your Railgun’s energy so you can fire off your secondary shot more often.

Follow these Sojourn tips and you should be leading your team to victory in no time. Head over to our Overwatch 2 page for more information.

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