Junker Queen hero abilities & tips - Overwatch 2

Learn how to play as Junker Queen, the newest tank hero to arrive in Overwatch 2.


Junker Queen is the newest tank hero to join the roster in Overwatch 2. She is tough and aggressive, with a matching kit to boot. Unlike Kiriko, Junker Queen is available as a free hero for everyone, regardless of whether they are new or returning players. Junker Queen is built for brutalizing her enemies at short range, making her a great choice for players who want to face their opponents head on. This guide will cover each of her abilities and offers tips for playing as Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.

Junker Queen abilities

Junker Queen abilities and moves in Overwatch 2

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  • Scattergun – Junker Queen wields a pump-action shotgun as her primary weapon. The Scattergun has a small spread, making it particularly effective at close range.
  • Jagged Blade – This ability acts as her secondary fire and comes with active and passive benefits. The Jagged Blade is a throwable knife named Gracie that can be recalled back toward you, bringing along any enemy it impaled along the way. The blade also deals damage to wounded enemies over time.
  • Carnage – Junker Queen also wields a massive axe named Carnage. This ability causes her to swing Carnage in front of her, dealing damage over time to anyone in its path and activating her Adrenaline Rush passive.
  • Commanding Shout – Junker Queen’s third ability allows her to let out a shout that gives her and her allies a temporary health and movement speed buff. This ability increases Junker Queen’s health by 200 and ally health by 100 while also granting a 30% movement speed increase.
  • Rampage (Ultimate) – Junker Queen’s ultimate causes her to charge forward in a straight line, shredding enemies and dealing damage over time while preventing them from being healed.
  • Adrenaline Rush (Passive) – Junker Queen’s passive ability allows her to heal from all damage over time that is dealt by wounds, synergizing well with her other damaging abilities.

Junker Queen strategy & tips

Junker Queen in action in Overwatch 2

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Junker Queen is all about getting in her opponent’s face and brutalizing them using sheer aggression. Here are few tips for playing as Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.

  • Lead your team into battle with Commanding Shout. This ability is great for helping your team close the gap, rush an objective, or push through a choke point. The added health boost can also help save allies with the right timing.
  • Inflict wounds to activate your passive. Adrenaline Rush lets you heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds, and there are plenty of ways to wound enemies with Junker Queen. Utilize both Jagged Blade and Carnage regularly along with Rampage to maximize the benefits of Adrenaline Rush.
  • Target squishy enemies with Gracie. Upon recalling Gracie, the knife will pull any enemy directly hit back toward Junker Queen. Use this to your advantage by intentionally pulling enemies toward you with Gracie and then finish them off with a few blasts of your Scattergun. With the right timing, you can swing Carnage after recalling Gracie to inflict wounds and trigger your passive.
  • Aim for as many enemies as possible with Rampage. The more opponents you shred with your ultimate, the better. The bleed damage will help keep you alive, while simultaneously preventing enemies hit from being healed. Encourage your teammates to push forward and follow-up from your engagement.
  • Use your Rampage ultimate to initiate as a team. Letting out a Commanding Shout beforehand will help prepare allies to engage and Junker Queen can use Rampage to initiate the fight.

Junker Queen was built to be an aggressive tank, so don’t hold back. Now that you know how to unleash the rampage as Junker Queen in Overwatch 2, you can help lead your team to victory. Browse through our Overwatch 2 page for more gameplay tips.

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