How to turn on startup sounds on iPhone 14

The latest iPhone lets players enable or disable a Power On and Power Off sound effect.


Users with one of the new iPhones have a brand new feature they can use. Known as the Power On or Power Off sound, this new notification will inform the user when the iPhone has been successfully turned on and when it is being turned off. This adds to the device's accessibility, helping those who may have difficulties detecting when the iPhone is functioning or safely turned off.

Enable startup sounds on iPhone

For those with an iPhone 14 or later, turning on or switching off the startup sounds is an option you might not have known you had! The setting is easy to find, and is actually under the Accessibility section of the iPhone.

  1. Navigate to the Settings
  2. Scroll down to Accessibility
  3. Locate Audio/Visual and select it
  4. Find the Power On & Off Sounds option
  5. Tap the slider to the right (green) to turn the sounds on

With the Power On and Power Off sound option switch on, you will now hear a noise whenever the iPhone is turned on or off. The power on sound ends with a higher pitch while the power off sound ends with a lower pitch. This change should assist those with a visual disability who may have previously struggled to tell when the iPhone was switched on or correctly powered down. 

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