How to enable iPhone Battery Percentage in iOS 16

Turning your iPhone Battery Percentage back on after installing iOS 16 is quick and easy.


The iOS 16 update offers a lot of new features for iPhone users, but some may notice that the battery percentage is missing. This little detail means you may not know exactly how much battery you’ve got left. If you want this vital information displayed, it’s easy enough to turn on the iPhone battery percentage. For those that want a minimalist appearance, it’s equally easy to turn off.

Turn on battery percentage

To turn on the battery percentage display in your iPhone, simply navigate to the Settings and search for the Battery option. It’s in here that users can enable or disable the Battery Percentage when using iOS 16. Here are the steps:

  1. Open up the Settings on your iPhone
  2. Select the Battery option, which is toward the bottom of the list
  3. Switch the Battery Percentage option to the “on” position (green/switch on the right side)
Image shows the Battery options in the iPhone Settings on iOS 16

Users can find the Battery Percentage option within the Battery category in Settings. Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings (either search for it or find the app) and locate the Battery tab.

Image shows the Battery Percentage option switched on when using iOS 16

In the new Battery screen, find the Battery Percentage switch and tap it into the “on” position. The node should turn green and the toggle will be toward the right-hand side. Users should also see a number appear in the battery icon in the top-right of the screen. This is the battery percentage, though, it may not have a percentage sign.

With the iPhone battery percentage now active in iOS 16, you’ll now have an accurate reading of how low your battery is getting or how well it’s charging. Remember, you can always check the Battery Health under the same settings menu – anything over 80 percent is good! Keep it locked to Shacknews as we help you navigate through other changes to your iPhone with iOS 16.

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