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How to raise faith - Cult of the Lamb

Learn how to keep the Faith and maintain the loyalty of your followers in Cult of the Lamb.


Being a successful cult leader in Cult of the Lamb ultimately comes down to maintaining the Faith of your followers. When the Faith level of your cult drops too low, the stability of your cult will begin to collapse. This guide will explain how to raise Faith in Cult of the Lamb and ensure that your flock remains loyal to you.

Get more faith

Faith is indicated by the praying hands icon and your flock’s Faith meter is located in the upper left corner of the display. If your Faith level drops too low, some of your followers may become dissenters, who will sow the seeds of doubt and gradually work to turn others against you. To prevent this, there are several tasks that cult leaders can perform to maintain the Faith of their flock in Cult of the Lamb.

Daily Sermons

Image shows the lamb giving a sermon to its followers in cult of the lamb

One way to keep the Faith is by preaching sermons in your Temple. You can perform sermons once per day and doing so will increase the overall Faith level of your cult.

Perform Rituals

Image shows the UI of the Rituals screen, highlighting the Bonfire Ritual

Performing certain Rituals within your Temple can also boost the Faith of your followers. Rituals typically require Bones, which you can collect from slain enemies during dungeon runs. Each Ritual will have a cooldown time before it can be performed again, so be sure to choose your Rituals wisely.

Give Blessings

Image shows the lamb giving a blessing to a follower

Once per day, cult leaders can give blessings to each of their followers to earn Faith and enhance their loyalty. To bless a follower, interact with one of your followers and select the icon to make demands of them. Next, select Give Blessing, indicated by the hand icon. Blessings are worth +5 Faith per follower.

Give Gifts

Image shows the lamb able to give a follower a gift

Giving gifts to your cult followers is another way you can boost the Faith level of your cult and improve follower loyalty. You can collect gift items such as necklaces and trinkets while completing a dungeon run. Once you have obtained a gift item, simply interact with a follower and select Give Gift to choose which item you’d like to give.

Provide Food & Beds

Your followers will begin to lose Faith in you if you fail to provide them with the basic necessities for living. You will need to keep your followers fed and ensure they each have a bed to sleep in. The quality of the food and sleeping quarters will also impact Faith. Sick, starving followers and broken beds will quickly lead to a loss of Faith amongst your cult members. Make sure to cook food and repair beds daily to ensure the needs of your followers are met.

Complete Follower Quests

Image shows a follower asking the lamb to complete a quest

Occasionally, your followers will approach you to propose a quest. You will be given the option to accept or decline the quest, but you will most likely want to accept, as declining a quest will cost you -35 Faith. Complete the quest within the allotted timeframe to earn follower loyalty and gain Faith.

Follow these steps to ensure your cult remains faithful to The One Who Waits. Head over to our Cult of the Lamb archive for more strategy guides.

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