How to build a farm - Cult of the Lamb

Learn how to construct farm plots and start growing crops for your flock in Cult of the Lamb.


In Cult of the Lamb, players must provide the basic necessities for their followers in order to maintain the well-being of their flock. Building a farm is one way to ensure that you have a steady supply of food on hand to cook with. This guide will explain how to build a farm and unlock the farming bundle so that you can begin sowing seeds for your cult.

Unlock the Farm Plot

Image shows the lamb by a farm with bushes and vegetables growing

To begin farming in Cult of the Lamb, you must first unlock the Farm Plot from within the Shrine. The Farm Plot becomes available after unlocking the Temple and costs one Divine Inspiration.

After unlocking the Farm Plot, go over to your workbench and select the Farm Plot from Food section within the Build menu. Each Farm Plot costs two Coins and five Grass to build. At this point, you can choose where to place each Farm Plot and how many you want to build, provided you have the resources.

Unlock the Farming Bundle

Image shows the farming bundle unlock in Cult of the Lamb

Once you have access to the Farm Plot, the next feature you will want to unlock within the Shrine is the Farming Bundle. The Farming Bundle will allow you to build a Farmer Station as well as a Seed Silo, both of which will greatly increase your ability to consistently grow crops. The Farmer Station allows followers to water nearby crops, while the Seed Silo allows you to store seeds for your followers to sow. The costs to build each are as follows:

  • Farmer Station - 20 Coins, 20 Lumber
  • Seed Silo - 20 Coins, 10 Lumber, 10 Stone

The Farmer Station features a designated space where you can place individual Farm Plots. Farm Plots within the range of the Farmer Station can be tended to by your followers. Once you have planted seeds in the Farm Plots of your Farmer Station, followers will come over to water the plots as needed. Fertilizer can also be added to each plot, provided you have some leftover excrement handy. After a few days, your crops will be ready to harvest. You will need to manually harvest your crops when the time comes.

Image shows a bug called Rakshasa talking to the lamb

The Seed Silo acts as a storage box for seeds that you want your followers to plant. Be sure to build the Seed Silo nearby the Farmer Station to give your followers easy access to the seeds. You can place any seeds you collect on each run into the Seed Silo, so make sure to keep it stocked. New types of seeds can be purchased from the merchant Rakshasa, who is found outside the entrance to Anchordeep.

There are several other upgrades available at the Shrine that you should prioritize once you have established your farm. One upgrade is the Scarecrow, which will keep birds off of your Farm Plots. Another upgrade to consider is the Fertilizer Silo, which allows you to store fertilizer that your followers can place for you. A Harvest Totem will help speed up the growth of your crops so you can harvest sooner. Check the Shrine often for upgrades that will help make your farm more efficient.

Now that you know how to construct a farm for your followers, your flock should never go hungry. Be sure to check out our Cult of the Lamb archives for more strategy guides and tips.

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