The Floral Baller is coming to Hitman 3 in August

There's no such thing as too much style when you're taking out the worst of the worst as Agent 47.


Hitman 3 is full of stylish and creative ways to take out Agent 47’s targets, and the August 2022 roadmap for the game is going to add a few more. As part of the Dartmoor Garden Show, players will be able to unlock The Floral Baller, and it might just be the coolest looking weapon across all three games.

The Floral Baller will be added to Hitman 3 on August 11, 2022. Players can unlock this weapon through the Dartmoor Garden Show. IO Interactive had this to say about the event in their August 2022 roadmap post.

An image of the Floral Baller pistol from Hitman 3.
The Floral Baller is looking like one of the more stylish weapons from the entire Hitman trilogy.
Source: IO Interactive

The Floral Baller is going to remind players of the ICA19 Silverballer or ICA19 Goldballer, but there could be a slight difference between the weapons. The Silverballer and Goldballer pistols come with both a Suppressor and Steady Aim, whereas the Floral Baller doesn’t list Steady Aim as one of its perks. Now, this could be nothing more than an oversight in marketing material, or it could be that the Floral Baller adds style points by looking awesome but lacks a bit of the functionality of the Goldballer and Silverballer. Now that I’ve dug way too deep into that tiny detail, let me add that the Floral Baller is absolutely going to be my pistol of choice for the simple reason that it looks incredible.

Oh yeah, IO Interactive outlined several other notable dates and content drops in the August 2022 roadmap:

  • August 4: Elusive Target Arcade
  • August 5:  Elusive Target - The Procurers (Year 2 Edition)
  • August 11: The Dartmoor Garden Show + The Floral Baller & Location Rotation - Colorado
  • August 12:  Elusive Target - The Ex-Dictator (Year 2 Edition)
  • August 19: Elusive Target - The Chameleon (Year 2 Edition)
  • August 25: Community Featured Contracts “Flower Power”

That’s a lot of content. Ever since Hitman 2016, IO Interactive has been pumping out the Hitman content on a consistent basis, and it’s added up to hundreds of hours of game to play, and it’s one of the best experiences out there if you’re looking for something new. I’ve been hooked since Paris, and I’ll be diving into Hitman 3 throughout August myself as I track down Elusive Targets, unlock fancy suits, and secure myself a Floral Baller.

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