Voice actors & cast list - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Here's the full list of voice talent in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest entry in the JRPG franchise. Once again delivering an epic story, the game is filled with memorable characters. With that in mind, players are likely curious to know who exactly is behind the voices they’re hearing. Let’s take a look at the voice actor and cast list for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Voice actors & cast list - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Here are all of the voice actors found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as well as the role that they play.

Noah - Ryôhei Arai

Image of actor Ryohei Arai and character Noah from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Ryôhei Arai plays Noah in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Ryôhei Arai voices Noah in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He’s a veteran in the video game space, appearing in Digimon Survive, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, among other titles.

Mio - Minami Tsuda

Image of actor Minami Tsuda and character Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Minami Tsuda plays Mio in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Mio is voiced by Minami Tsuda. Anime fans may recognize Tsuda’s voice from Redo of Healer or Assault Lily: Banquet.

Lanz - Kohsuke Tanabe

Image of actor Minami Tsuda and character Lanz from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
Minami Tsuda plays Lanz in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Kohsuke Tanabe plays the role of Lanz in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He recently appeared in Attack on Titan and Pokemon Evolutions.

Taion - Ryohei Kimura

Image of actor Ryohei Kimura and character Taion from Xenoblade Chronicle 3
Ryohei Kimura plays Taion in Xenoblade Chronicle 3.

Ryohei Kimura lends his voice to the role of Taion. He previously appeared in Ultraman as well as inFamous: Second Son.

Eunie - Megumi Han

Image of actor Megumi Han and character Eunie from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Megumi Han plays Eunie in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Eunie is played by Megumi Han in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She has appeared in popular anime series such as Hunter x Hunter.

Sena - Miyuki Satô

Image of actor Miyuki Satô and character Sena from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Miyuki Satô plays Sena in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Miyuki Satô voices Sena. She’s a recognizable name in the video game space, as she appeared in Final Fantasy 15.

Riku - Sayaka Senbongi

Image of actor Sayaka Senbongi and character Riku from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Sayaka Senbongi plays Riku in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Sayaka Senbongi plays the role of Riku in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Anime fans may recognize her from Demon Slayer or Black Clover.

Manana - Aya Suzaki

Image of actor Aya Suzaki and character Manana from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Aya Suzaki plays Manana in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Manana is played by Aya Suzaki. She’s previously appeared in the anime series Extreme Hearts and RWBY: Ice Queendom.

Monica - Akeno Watanabe

Image of actor Akeno Watanabe and character Monica from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Akeno Watanabe plays Monica in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Akeno Watanabe is the voice of Monica. She has an extensive background in anime, appearing in Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia.

Ghondor - Satomi Akesaka

Satomi Akesaka is the voice actor for Ghondor in Xenoblades Chronicles 3. Fans may recognize her from Sword Art Online.

Miyabi - Misato Fukuen

Miyabi is played by Misato Fukuen. As for video games, she has appeared in Street Fighter 5 and Tales of Arise.

Crys - Daisuke Kishio

Crys is voiced by Daisuke Kishio. Daisuke Kishio is known for appearances in One Piece and World Trigger.

Ethel - Atsumi Tanezaki

Atsumi Tanezaki lends her voice to the role of Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She may be recognized from her roles on Spy x Family and Shine Post.

Shania - Haruka Terui

Shania is voiced by Haruka Terui in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She recently appeared in Shenmue and Sengoku Musou 5.

Bolearis - Masakazu Morita

Masakazu Morita plays the role of Bolearis in the game. He previously appeared in Pokemon Evolutions and One Piece.

Nami - Yukiyo Fujii

Nami is voiced by Yukiyo Fujii. She is known for her roles in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods and Digimon Survive.

Gesell - Gakuto Kajiwara

Gakuto Kajiwara lends his voice to the role of Gesell. Fans may recognize him from Black Clover and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Isurugi - Tomoaki Maeno

Tomoaki Maeno plays the role of Isurugi in Xenoblades Chronicles 3. He previously appeared in Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez, and is set to be in Street Fighter 6.

That’s the full list of voice actors and their respective roles in Xenoblades Chronicles 3. To learn more about the voices behind the characters in your favorite games, Shacknews has what you need.

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