Shack Chat: Who is your MultiVersus main?

The Shack Staff discuss who their main character is in MultiVersus and what makes their fighter the best.


MultiVersus has been dominating the fighting game scene since its release into early access. Players are throwing themselves headfirst into Warner Brother’s fighting game and discovering their favorite characters. The Shack Staff have also been dabbling and diving into the experience and have their own top picks, so what better point of discussion for Shack Chat?

Question: Who is your MultiVersus main?

Rick Sanchez - Ozzie Mejia, Aware He's Not in the Game Yet

Image of Rick and Morty

Source: Player First Games

Alright, so I'm going to start with a bit of a cheat. I'm fully aware that Rick Sanchez is merely confirmed for Season 1 and not an actual part of MultiVersus just yet. I'm just letting everyone know in advance that the multiverse's most brilliant jerkass scientist is who I'll be maining as soon as he becomes available. Dude's got a portal gun, the kind that makes Aperture Science jealous, and a host of other gadgets and gizmos. That's the kind of ingenuity I look for in my main, so I'll just be waiting patiently for him to arrive.

Harley Quinn - Donovan Erskine

Image of Tara Strong and Harley Quinn

Source: Player First Games

I gravitated toward Harley Quinn early on in MultiVersus because of her speed and hard-hitting attacks. Her combos are easy to chain together, and smacking an opponent with her mallet is just too satisfying. I also love her verticality, with the confetti grenade and overhead swing allowing me to juggle enemies around and stack damage. She’s also voiced by the amazing Tara Strong, which is just the perfect icing on top. I’m trying to branch out and familiarize myself with a bunch of characters, but Harley is without a doubt my main.

Batman - Blake Morse, Batmainer

Image of Batman in comic book style

Source: DC Comics

So far I’ve been maining Batman and getting used to his skills. For starters, old Batsy is voiced by Kevin Conroy, who’s been doing the damn thing since the iconic character’s 90s cartoon show. Secondly, I really like his balance of long-range and distance-closing skills. He can throw a batarang and give an opponent a hard smack to the face then follow it up by using his grappling hook to pull himself towards his target to deliver a flying kick to the face. His smokescreen ability not only weakens his opponents, but can also provide some amusing confusion and chaos in a game that’s already full of insanity. Surprisingly enough, Batman was also my main in the Injustice games as well. You just can’t beat the bat!

Taz - Sam Chandler, Embrace all things Australian

Image of Taz from MultiVersus

Source: Player First Games

As an Aussie, it wouldn’t be right for me to use anyone other than Taz. While I know he recently had his tornado hit with a massive nerf, I can’t very well turn my back on my fellow Aussie. I’ll be there for you Taz, whether you’re an S-Tier character or whether you fall down the ladder and sit in the F class of fighters. You and me until the end.

Taz - Bill Lavoy, Misses the Old Days

Taz is my main in MultiVersus. Well, Taz was my main in MultiVersus. Whether Taz remains my main is up in the air. See, Taz got nerfed from orbit and I haven’t had a chance to take the devil for a spin since. I’m guessing it won’t be good, and I’ll have to find a new main going forward. Thankfully, I bought the founders pack and can unlock every character. The recruiting process will begin soon, but nobody will ever come close to bringing me the joy that Taz did as I spammed that ridiculously overpowered tornado.

Reindog - TJ Denzer likes silly dogs with antlers

Image of Reindog from MultiVersus

Source: Player First Games

Reindog is a silly and weird character. It’s the only character in all of MultiVersus so far that is entirely original, not coming from any other Warner Bros. IP. Now one could spend their time complaining that Reindog stole a spot from a recognizable character, or they could accept the power and cuteness of Reindog into their lives and embrace just how good this character is.

Surprisingly, Reindog has easily been the most fun character for me in MultiVersus so far. It’s a bristling platform of persistent projectiles. You can drop a fireball that lands to create a firewall, burning foes. You can throw a crystal up to empower Reindog and teammates’ attacks as well as striking enemies with lightning underneath it. You can tether to your teammate and create a beam between you two that damages enemies caught therein. Reindog’s strength lies in nickel and diming folks with its projectiles while they chase it around and then hitting that one big hit when they’re weak. I love this for team play and also enjoy being able to save my teammates with a timely tether pull.

You may not like Reindog, but you will respect the threat it poses if I’m on the other end playing it. Otherwise, I’ll pelt you with a gauntlet of fire, lightning, and lasers and do happy dog dances on your aspirations of victory.

Jake the Dog-Steve Tyminski, Making Bacon Pancakes!

Image of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time

Source: Cartoon Network

Who is my main character in the new fighting game, Multiverse? I haven’t been able to play the game yet but it does have all kinds of properties/characters I really enjoy. That being said, when I’m able to play the game, the first fighter I’m trying is Jake the Dog. First off, Adventure Time is a really cool show and I recommend it if you haven’t seen it. Jake, having the power to turn into any shape, is awesome and he’s always looking out for his pal, Finn. Jake was always my favorite character from Adventure Time and that isn’t going to change now. Getting to turn into all kinds of things adds to the fun of battle. You could crush your opponent with a house, a car, a ship, anything and that sounds cool to me.

Arya Stark- Dennis White

Image of Maisie Williams and Arya Stark

Source: Player First Games

Harley was working for me at first but once I unlocked Arya, things started clicking. Her dagger is great for moving around the screen and the properties make it fairly interesting to use for backstabs on opponents. At first it seemed like I just was not getting enough damage to kill anything but then I started playing around with her combos and she has some dangerous stuff after launching enemies into the air. It definitely takes some work to master how to be efficient with that time in the air but the potential makes me excited to keep playing with the girl with no face even more!

Tom & Jerry - Morgan Shaver, Lover of cartoon cat chaos

An image of Tom and Jerry

Source: Warner Bros

I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to check out MultiVersus yet, so I’m not sure who my main would be. Looking at the roster, I’m going to pick Tom & Jerry because it looks like a fun dynamic. Watching clips of the moves and various combos for Tom & Jerry, I also really like the cartoon hijinks vibe where you can whack opponents with pans, use a slingshot, throw dynamite, and just wreak all kinds of havoc. That, plus my cat Tama looks a lot like Tom and knowing my cat, he probably would kick all kinds of butt if he were in a fighting game.

Shaggy - Asif Khan, Mister Boombastic

Shaggy was one of the first two Scooby Doo characters to make the cut for the Multiversus Open Beta roster, and I am having a blast beating people up with him. Shaggy’s power kick is delightful, his sandwich throws rule, and he even goes Super Saiyan. The perks are great. The extra costume is pretty awesome too. I even have Shaggy as my in-game announcer. Zoinks!

There you have it, the Shack Staff’s favorite fighters and main character in MultiVersus. Now how about you, who is your MultiVersus main? Let us know in the Chatty thread below!

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