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How to change your Ringout - MultiVersus

Here's how you can change your Ringout in MultiVersus.


MultiVersus is in the hands of players around the globe, and everyone is getting a feel for the ins and outs of gameplay. One concept that players need to wrap their head around is the Ringout, a term that is used in two ways that are closely related. Here’s how you change your Ringout in MultiVersus.

How to change your Ringout

An image showing where to change your Ringouts in MultiVersus.

Source: MultiVersus

Players can change their Ringout by navigating to the Collection menu from the main menu of MultiVersus. From there, you’ll see the option at the bottom Global Cosmetics, and then for Ringout. Click Ringout, and you’ll then be presented with all the Ringouts in the game. This will include Ringouts you have unlocked, and ones that you can unlock through various in-game methods, like gameplay requirements or Gleamium. 

Ringout is a term used to describe eliminating one of your opponents and taking one of their stocks. It’s also used to describe the effect that you choose when you Ringout one of your opponents. These effects can include both visual and audio. It’s another way to customize your profile so that you can add some personality to your gameplay. When you first start playing MultiVersus, you’ll have very few Ringouts available, and will need to work towards unlocking the ones that appeal to you. To see the visual effects and unlock requirements for a Ringout, simply mouse over it from the Ringouts menu. This can help you plan for the Ringouts that you specifically want to unlock and focus on meeting those requirements.

Now that you know how to unlock a Ringout, head over to our MultiVersus topic for more news, guides, and anything else related to this Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment smash hit. Shacknews will be covering MultiVersus extensively going forward, and your time with it will be better for hanging out with us.


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