How many chapters in Stray?

If you're wondering how many chapters there are in Stray, look no further.


If you’re curious about where you’re at in your Stary playthrough, this is the place to be. While Stray isn’t a long game, it does pack in an impressive number of chapters. I’m going to list those chapters from start to finish below but be warned that by viewing the list you’re exposing yourself to spoilers.

How many chapters in Stray?

Stray Chapter List

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Stray has a total of 12 chapters from the beginning of the game to the very end. These chapters can be individually selected once you’ve completed them by going to the main menu and selecting your save file. From there, you can hop to any chapter that you wish to tidy up any loose ends. That said, I’m going to list all the chapters below, so if you’ve got all the information you’re looking for and don’t want to see a list of chapter names, click here to leave.

Stray chapter list

Here’s the full list of all 12 chapters in Stray:

  1. Inside the Wall
  2. Dead City
  3. The Flat
  4. The Slums
  5. Rooftops
  6. The Slums - Part 2
  7. Dead End
  8. The Sewers
  9. Antvillage
  10. Midtown
  11. Jail
  12. Control Room

If there’s a section of Stray that you’re struggling with, you can click that chapter in the list above and you’ll be delivered to our YouTube walkthrough right at the start of the chapter you select. You can also watch the entire Stray walkthrough by clicking on the embed above, which is presented without commentary. Just be mindful that our walkthrough does include cutscenes, so once again I’m urging you to be wary of spoilers if you’re looking to go in blind.

Now that you know how many chapters there are, be sure to visit the Stray topic on Shacknews. We’ve got a collection of guides, news stories, and even my Stray review for you to browse through. If you end up stuck on a safe code or door code, that’s the place to get yourself sorted out.

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