The Flat door code - Stray

If you're not sure what the door code is to leave The Flat in Stray, we've got the answer.


Stray is a game that’s full of lots of little puzzles. None of them are overly difficult, but some can be tricky if you miss a detail here and there. In this guide, we’re going to explain how you can get the door code so that you can leave the Flat after you meet B-12.

The Flat door code

The Flat Door Code Stray

Source: Steam

The Flat door code can be found in a dark side room right next to the keypad that opens the door. Hop up on the shelf, knock over some cans, and you'll find the code written on a whiteboard. The key here is that you need to equip your Torchlight by pressing the left directional button on your d-pad. That will light things up so that you can see into the side room. If you don’t turn on your Torchlight, you could walk right by the side room without noticing that it’s there. In this way, it’s easy to miss the door code. If you’d rather not bother looking for that, the code is 3748. Approach the keypad and input the code, then you’ll be on your way.

Stray has a lot of little puzzles such as this. Most of them you’ll figure out in seconds, but everyone gets tripped up by a few here and there. It’s always advisable that you try to interact with any objects that you find, and study anything you see on the walls. Door and safe codes are typically found close by in video games, and Stray is no different.

Now that you know the door code to exit The Flat, be sure to visit our Stray topic on Shacknews to browse through more guides, news, and everything else related to this stellar cat adventure game.

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