Call of the Wild: The Angler's first map is based on Northwest Wyoming

Golden Ridge Reserve, the first map that will launch with Call of the Wild: The Angler, is based on Northwest Wyoming.

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It’s always interesting to find out where the in-game places you visit are inspired by. This is especially true when you’re dealing with open worlds where you can explore and discover at your own pace. Recently, Paul ‘Rushy’ Rustchynsky, Game Director, and Alex Perkins, Art Director, sat down with Shacknews to dig into Call of the Wild: The Angler, Expansive Worlds’ upcoming open world fishing game.

During that conversation, we learned that the first reserve launching with The Angler, Golden Ridge Reserve, was based on Northwest Wyoming. The entire interview is embedded above for you to enjoy, but the specific part of the conversation where the inspiration for Golden Ridge Reserve was mentioned was just after the three-minute mark. Rushy and Alex also shared some other random details about Golden Ridge Reserve, such as how the largest lake would take about five minutes to travel across by boat, is about 30 meters deep, and takes up about one-sixth of the map. In contrast, the smallest body of water would be comparable to a pond in someone’s back yard.

A Shacknews exclusive screenshot of Call of the Wild: The Angler, courtesy of Expansive Worlds.

Expansive Worlds has played a bit shy when it comes to revealing all the species of fish that will be included with The Angler at launch, but they did tease some of them could be spotted on their Steam page. Armed with the knowledge that Golden Ridge Reserve is based on Northwest Wyoming, though, players can start to hypothesize about what fish they’ll see when the game does launch.

Golden Ridge Reserve looks like a beautiful place to fish, and now you know what inspired Expansive Worlds to create this location. We’ll be digging into The Angler leading up to its launch, and long after as the game grows over the following months and years. You can visit The Angler topic on Shacknews to see all of our content related this upcoming open world fishing experience.

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