Warlocks & Titans are getting a Solar 3.0 buff in Destiny 2

Warlocks and Titans who are feeling left out of Solar 3.0 should see improvements next week.


Solar 3.0 landed in Destiny 2 with the Season of the Haunted, but some Titans and Warlocks felt that they were a little left behind. Bungie somewhat agrees with this and will be buffing certain aspects of Solar 3.0 for both classes. This buff is expected to arrive with the next hotfix in Destiny 2.

In today’s This Week at Bungie post, the developer recognized that Solar 3.0 didn’t exactly land where they wanted for Titans and Warlocks this season and pledged to make some changes to try and improve the experience and bring it more in line with their goals. Kevin Yanes from the sandbox team had this to say:

Titan & Warlock Solar 3.0 buffs

Titan Warlock Solar 3.0 Buff Hotfix

As a Hunter, I’ve been loving Solar 3.0, so I’m ecstatic to see Titans and Warlocks getting a bit of a buff. Sam Chandler, the Shacknews guru for Destiny 2, was quite let down as a Warlock main. He also carries me through end-game content, so I’m hoping Bungie gives him all the fire required to make my life easier as his backpack. Here are the changes Titans and Warlocks can expect when Hotfix hits on June 7, 2022, at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT:

Solar Warlock

  • Heat Rises:
    • Added behavior: Consuming your grenade now also releases a burst of Cure x2 around you, healing you and your nearby allies. Consuming a Healing Grenade increases the strength of the burst to Cure x3 and consuming a Touch of Flame Healing Grenade provides Restoration as an additional benefit.
  • Icarus Dash:
    • Added behavior: While airborne, rapidly defeating targets with your Super or any weapon Cures you.
  • Celestial Fire:
    • Each Celestial Fire projectile now applies 10 Scorch stacks. This is increased to 15 stacks with Ember of Ashes equipped.

Solar Titan

  • Burning Maul:
    • Buffed damage in PvE by 25%
  • Roaring Flames:
    • Added behavior: While Roaring Flames is active, your uncharged melee attack now deals Solar damage and applies 30 Scorch stacks to targets per hit. This is increased to 40 stacks with Ember of Ashes equipped.
  • Consecration:
    • Fragment slots increased from 1 to 2.
    • Raised the height of the secondary attack’s ground wave by 25% to more easily catch players who jump too late. 

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the changes to Solar 3.0 in relation to Warlocks and Titans. Does this address your concerns, or are these changes going to fall short? Let us know in the Chatty comments below, then hit our Destiny 2 strategy guide when you have some spare time.

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