Shack Chat: What game are you bringing to the Memorial Day get-together?

Ahead of the Holiday weekend, we share what games we'd bring to the family gathering.


We're on the brink of a long weekend. Before we head out and enjoy the three days off, the Shack Staff is reflecting on potential family gatherings. Video games are great for parties, so we're sharing what games we're bringing to the Memorial Day gathering, either hypothetically or in actuality.

Question: Which game are you bringing to the Memorial Day get-together?

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Barbecue Attendee

One of the primary ways that Nintendo marketed the Switch was by showing off what it could do in Tabletop Mode. This method of using the Switch was primarily used in outdoor settings. If I'm having an outdoor barbeque and I'm bringing out the Switch, it should probably be for something that can be played with just about anybody. It should also be something that can be played relatively quickly.

Rather than bring out something lengthy like a Mario Party Superstars or something that requires a lot of physical movement like Nintendo Switch Sports, I've opted for something more cerebral. I figure that Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics has something that would please everybody at the party and features enough games that go at a brisk enough pace so that everybody gets a turn.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Donovan Erskine, Wii Sports Boxing Champion

Nintendo Switch Sports will be an easy game to convince my non-gaming family to play. They all remember Wii Sports. In fact, some of them have fond memories of it. All I need to do is set up my Switch and tell them “this is the new one!” and boom. Everyone will be down. We can dive into the various sporting minigames and hopefully not throw any Joy-Cons through the TV.

Mega Man The Board Game - Blake Morse, Co-EIC

This is no joke. I love all things Mega Man so last week when I saw the blue bomber’s board game on sale at my local comic shop, Dr. Comics & Mr. Games, I decided to treat myself and splurged a little. The game comes with 6 Mega Man figures for players to use as well as a collection of some of the franchise’s most popular villains including Cuts Man, Guts Man, and of course Dr. Wiley himself. Players go through various boards based off the villains’ video game levels as they try to save the world. I honestly haven’t played it yet (it’s still wrapped in plastic), but I’m looking forward to giving it a spin with some of the homies over the long weekend. I just need to get some homies first… Anyone want to be my friend? I have Mega Mans…

Among Us - Sam Chandler, Sowing discord

What better way to spend a holiday with family than by getting them all to download one of the hottest games from 2020? A bit of cheeky Among Us sessions with family turns any awkward occasion into a ribald affair as you all shout and bargain with each other in an attempt to plead your case. It might have fallen out of the discourse recently, but Among Us remains one of my favorite games to play when hanging out in a group.

Use Your Words or Rifftrax: The Game - TJ Denzer, likes dubbing films horribly

I’ve brought Jackbox and collections like it to a lot of family gatherings and I think the most fun I’ve ever had was with Smiling Buddha Games and Screenwave Media’s Use Your Words. There’s a Sub the Title mini game in Use Your Words where you write a caption for a line in a foreign film clip and my friends, family, and I had tons of laughs coming up with ridiculous things. With Rifftrax: The Game having come out and presenting a similar style of game, I’d love to give that a go in a party setting and see what kind of irreverent shenanigans we come up with.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or UNO - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo Show host, Never go against the family, unless in Mario Kart!

What better way to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend than with a family get-together and good food? That being said, a family gathering has to have some kind of entertainment and what could be better than video games. There are two video games that I can think of right off the bat to bring to a family party. Those would be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and UNO. Bragging rights are on the line with family and those two games have it maxed out. I know some of my most heated gaming sessions are when I play Mario Kart with my brother and friends. Add the fact that one of your family members won’t shut up about beating you and it adds even more fuel to the fire. The only other game that amps things up is UNO. You don’t realize how lucky you need to be in order to win a game of UNO as well as the cutthroat atmosphere UNO creates. You never want to lose a game of UNO, let alone to people you know. There has to be entertainment at family parties and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and UNO have it!

Tekken 7 - Dennis White, Your Resident Villain

My family has been coming together to beat up on eachother in a Tekken fighting game since Tekken 3. I even remember an elaborate PS3 setup in the basement of my cousin’s house being used on to play Tekken Tag Tournament on a massive TV that took about 6 people to get up the stairs when it finally bit the dust. The amount of characters, over the top visuals, and simplicity when it comes to button mashing that actually makes you look like you are doing something cool, makes it a prime choice for the family BBQ trash talk.

Jackbox Party Games - Morgan Shaver, Always willing to compromise

If I’m bringing a game to a get-together I want it to be something everyone can participate in and enjoy without things getting too competitive or heated. Out of every game that I’ve played with family and friends, the most fun hands down has been when we play a Jackbox Party game. I think one reason is there are a nice assortment of games in each pack that everyone has a chance to be good at, even those that don’t really play games. A very close second would probably be a Tetris game — not that anyone ever wants to play Tetris with me given my skill level haha — probably Tetris Effect: Connected given its cooperative mode.

Those are the games that we would bring to our family get-togethers on Memorial Day. If you're planning on gathering with family this weekend, what game are you bringing? Even if you don't have any Memorial Day plans, what game would you bring in a hypothetical scenario? Let us know in the Chatty!

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