Shack Chat: What PlayStation classic do you want to come to the new PS Plus service?

The staff discusses the PlayStation games they'd like to see come to PS Plus.


PlayStation Plus is getting a revamp in June that will turn the service into an Xbox Game Pass competitor. With that, Sony recently revealed the line-up of games from across the PlayStation, PS3, and PSP library that will be available for the services different tiers. Of course, it's got us thinking about the titles we'd like to see come to PS Plus down the road.

Question: What PlayStation classic do you want to come to the new PS Plus service?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Mascot Fighter

I have enough games on my pull list to devote myself to playing stuff from the past, so if I want to see an old-school title on a new service, it had better be either an all-time favorite or a historical curiosity. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is much more the latter.

As more publishers start to board the Smash Bros. mascot fighting train, I'm interested in going back in time to see PlayStation's first attempt as a Smash clone. It... had its moments. Nobody's going to pretend this was particularly good, as it ranks closer to Nick All-Stars than Nintendo's gold standard. Still, I'd love to see the little things that PlayStation got right and where they could still take this concept. Because, let's face it, there's still a good chance that we see this idea come back in the future.

Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King - Donovan Erskine, Hero

Dragon Quest 8 is synonymous with the PS2, although I’m currently playing through it for the first time on the 3DS. That said, it would be dope for this JRPG classic to make its way to the PS5 via the revamped PS Plus. With how big of a hit Dragon Quest 11 was on PS4, there are surely a lot of new DQ fans that would enjoy being able to go back and experience one of the most celebrated entries in the franchise.

Jumping Flash! Trilogy - Blake Morse, Co-EIC

Give me all the Jumping Flash! games please! All three of them. Playable whenever I want on my current-gen console. Is that so much to ask? I’ve made several statements in previous Shack Chats about my love of this series. It is one of my favorite action-platformer games ever made and I feel like it never gets its fair shake considering how unique and fantastic it is. Just put them all up for grabs on the new service and I will be a happy camper. Wouldn’t mind them throwing in some Battle Arena Toshinden love while they’re at it, but first things first!

Driver - Sam Chandler, Cleared the garage mission when he was a kid

Driver remains one of those series that I adore, even though I’ve not played one in years. It might have migrated over to the Xbox later in its life, but the original series still shines bright and strong on the PlayStation One.

The series managed to eke out a place in the driving genre that hadn’t been tapped into previously. It wasn’t a racer and it wasn’t a crash ‘em up. Players would follow a surprisingly great story of an undercover cop as they drove around iconic locations in North America. Missions were on a timer and you needed to balance breaking the road laws with driving carefully to complete your goals.

Though it would eventually be overshadowed by the GTA series, I like to think there’s still a spot in our hearts for Tanner. Also, everyone should be forced to clear the tutorial level in Driver before they get their actual driver’s licence.

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino - TJ Denzer, likes knocking over carefully placed things

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino is a game that came out pretty close to the PS1’s launch. A puzzle game, players take on the role of the titular Mr. Domino or his friends, moving through busy obstacle courses full of key triggers you have to hit to clear the level. You complete a level by leaving trails of Dominos and then recycling through the course and knocking them over to hit those triggers. Knocking over long trails of dominoes and creating combos by getting triggers to start the collapse of another string was key to scoring high in the game and just felt good. Perfecting playthrough of a level was no easy task in No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, but it was quite fun and each level felt like you were arranging a Rube Goldberg device. I’ve often thought I’d like to see an update version of this game, but I would settle for being able to re-explore the original again in PS Plus.

Ape Escape - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, Monkeys!

What PlayStation classic game do I want to see added to the new PlayStation Plus service. I didn’t play too many PlayStation games as a kid but I guess I would have to go with Ape Escape. I missed out on this series when I was a kid. I have seen people play it and it looks like a game I would like. The way the new PlayStation Plus is adding all kinds of games from their past, people who missed games when they initially released will get a second chance to play these games. If we weren’t getting Darkstalkers coming back in the Capcom Fighting Collection, that would have been an easy choice but I’m going with Ape Escape.

A functioning version of Silent Hill 2 & 3 - Dennis White, Community Manager

It’s been well documented that the HD Collection for Silent Hill 2 & 3 is a rough version of the game to play. The original copies are going for $300 a piece because of how hard it is to get a decent version of the games. I would love to be able to play the original titles in a form that is accurate and also functions properly. Maybe with rumors of Konami caring about the franchise again, we could see digital versions of these Horror classics hit PS Plus.

Likewise on Silent Hill 2 & 3 - Morgan Shaver, loves the “Dog” ending in SH2

I concur with Dennis, I’d love to see a functioning version of Silent Hill 2 and 3 for all the reasons that he mentioned. Also, with all the Silent Hill talk happening, it’d be smart to have these titles on PlayStation Plus to easily allow people to go back and replay them. Personally, I feel like both games hold up quite well, and are both well worth taking the time to replay. Adding that Silent Hill 2 will always be my favorite and the one I recommend to people most; if you ever have the chance to play it, definitely give it a go.

Those are the games we'd love to see come to PS Plus as a part of its upcoming revamp. We're curious, what games would you like to see get new life on the PS5? Sound off in the Chatty!

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