MultiVersus Open Beta trailer reveals Velma and Iron Giant

The newest MultiVersus trailer reveals Velma and Iron Giant as playable characters.


Hot off the heels of their Closed Alpha announcement last week, a new MultiVersus trailer is here to reveal an Open Beta for July, as well as a couple new characters.

MultiVersus developer Player First Games shared the latest trailer via a post to the game's Twitter account. The end of the trailer introduces us to an unlikely duo; a very confused, yet ready to save the day Superman and an elated Iron Giant. Iron Giant's first word, “Superman,” mirrors his final quote from his film. It's a bit of a full circle moment seeing these two “men of steel” team together after the emotional stamp at the end of the aforementioned movie. The trailer also reveals that Velma will be a playable character in MultiVersus, joining Shaggy as representatives of the Scooby-Doo franchise.

The trailer also reveals that MultiVersus will be getting an Open Beta this July. The game is getting a Closed Alpha this week, but that will require registration and an invitation from Warner Bros. The Open Beta will let players around the world get their hands on MultiVersus for the first time.

The rest of the cinematic trailer gives us a further look at the different character dynamics in MultiVersus, including what might be the most chaotic duo yet: the ever-slobbery Tasmanian Devil and everyone's favorite clown princess of crime herself, Harley Quinn. Steven Universe’s Garnet and Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog step into the fray to battle against them, giving us some of that old school vs new school action. Taz and Harley take more of a slapstick style comedic approach to battle while Garnett and Jake showcasing the depth in comedic dialogue. Garnet gives us a very simple “Not cool” after being tornado’d across the field of battle while Jake the Dog gives us a “Whoa, you alright? That was messed up how that thing tornado’d you.” showcasing that 2010s style humor.

One of the key elements on display here is the voice acting which, many believe, aside from the team-based combat, will set this title apart from its competitors creatively. Last November we were given a series of consectuive announcements of who would be voicing these beloved characters in full. The trailer puts an emphasis on this with Kevin Conroy, Estelle, Maisie Williams, Matthew Lillard, and many others returning to reprise their iconic roles.

multiversus open beta trailer

In this day and age, crossovers go hand-in-hand in pop culture and MultiVersus shows us exactly how. With so many on-screen icons showing up for battle, the question is, who’s next? Pennywise the clown? LeBron James? Trinity? For future announcements, be sure to bookmark Shacknews' MultiVersus topic page.

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