Cyber Knights: Flashpoint puts a cyberpunk twist on the tactical RPG formula

Trese Brothers latest project is a tactical RPG with an emphasis on stealth and hacking.


Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is looking to take the familiar tactical RPG formula and put its own fresh spin on it. Set in a cyberpunk future, this title is all about pulling off heists, with stealth and hacking being key points of emphasis in gameplay. The Trese Brothers walked me through a demo of the game at PAX East, giving me a good feel for how they’ll deliver something unique with Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.

During the mission I played in the Cyber Knights: Flashpoint demo, I was tasked with sending a team to rescue a Cyber Knight that had been captured by hostile forces. When infiltrating the base, there were security cameras that would pan at the beginning of each turn. One of my characters had a hacking ability that allowed her to temporarily shut down electronic devices. I deactivated the cameras and then quickly moved my units before they could be spotted.

cyber knights flashpoint preview

Everything the player does in Cyber Knight: Flashpoint revolves around Action Points (AP). What’s neat is that the amount of required AP varies depending on exactly what you’re trying to do. Moving just a couple of meters will only take 1-2 AP, while covering a large distance may take up everything you’ve got. It gave me the freedom to actually make the most out of my turns. Moving, firing off a couple shots, and even activating an ability in some cases.

It also made me feel like there were always chances to make corrections when I screwed up. During the stealth mission, there was an instance where an enemy walked right through a door and was staring right at three of my squadmates. While I was initially panicking that they’d alert the other soldiers and blow my cover, I was able to coordinate a quick and aggressive effort to dispatch the foe before he could even act.

Players familiar with classic tactical RPGs like XCOM will have a good feel for the mechanics in Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. That said, it feels like the developers are giving players a lot of tools to play around with, and it makes me excited to experiment with different builds and combat strategies in the full game.

These impressions are based on an in-person demo played at PAX East. Cyber Knights: Flashpoint launches for PC later this year.

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