Destiny 2 is overhauling its weapon sandbox in Season 17

Bungie published a massive TWAB that outlined major changes coming to the weapons sandbox in Season 17.


All week-long Bungie has been teasing a massive TWAB for April 21, 2022, and today they delivered a huge breakdown of significant weapon sandbox changes coming to Destiny 2. According to DMG on Twitter, it took more than 9,000 words to compile this entry of TWAB.

The biggest changes coming to Destiny 2 in Season 17 are centered around the weapon sandbox. Players can expect an overhaul to how airborne aiming works, how the flinch system works, the Special ammo economy in Crucible, and even how shotguns perform. Almost every PvP playstyle has been touched, and all players should expect the gameplay to feel different next season.

Destiny 2 April 21 2022 TWAB Bungie Season 17

Staff Designer Chris Proctor outlined the changes with a few hundred bullets, but the goals of the changes are as follows:

  • Introduce levers to tune how players build for airborne gunplay
  • Allow players to mitigate for flinch
  • Reduce the number of one-hit kills in PvP
  • Address common feedback on weapons across all game modes

Some of the more notable changes are as follows:

  • Flinch: Rebuilt the Stability stat to grant flinch resistance
  • Airborne: Landing shots more based on skill than aim assist
  • Airborne: Special weapons have had their in-air accuracy reduced
  • One-hit kills: Reduced PvP damage buff from Empowering Rift, High Energy Fire, Inertia Override
  • Special Ammo: Disabled ammo scavenger mods in PvP
  • Special Ammo: PvP bricks will only grant one kill’s worth of ammo (one round for Shotguns/Sniper Rifles)

There is much more to dig into from TWAB, and as Bungie suggests, you’d be wise to visit the subreddit and let some of the more knowledgeable Guardians break down these changes in more consumable ways. Safe to say, though, that the way you play Destiny 2 is changing at least a little.

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