Transformers: BotBots interview - Making an animated series for Netflix

We speak with one of the creative leads for Netflix's hit Transformers show about the process of building a show in the streaming era.


For geeks of a certain age, Transformers was one of the biggest pop culture icons of childhood, with a hit cartoon series made to shift units in toy stores across the world. They were robots that could also turn into a car. Nothing could be cooler. Over the years, the Transformers franchise has seen countless spinoffs and tie-ins. 

One of the more interesting diversions the franchise has taken recently has been the introduction of BotBots. BotBots are typically undersized, cartoony characters that share their larger siblings’ penchant for transforming into everyday stuff. As the story goes, a cloud of Energon gas passed through a shopping mall one day and caused all sorts of items and equipment to begin transforming.

Due to the early popularity of the BotBots, plans were made for an official animated series adaptation and streaming giant Netflix stepped in to host the end result. Transformers: BotBots officially premiered in March of this year on Netflix. We got the chance to speak with Kevin Burke, both a writer and producer on Transformers: BotBots, to get the inside scoop on making the newest Transformers series.

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