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Letter from the Editors: We're taking April Fool's off again

Being a news outlet on a day where everything is a joke is pointless, so we're taking a Duke Nukem day.


It’s that day again. The one where you can’t tell if anything on the internet is real or just a bunch of made up BS. Okay, to be fair, that’s most days on the internet, but April Fool’s really cranks the lamesauce meter up to 11. Which is why we here at Shacknews choose to take the day off and instead celebrate everything Duke Nukem has done for us. So, if you’re wondering why we aren’t posting up all the latest news, reviews, previews, guides, and what have you today, it’s because we simply don’t trust anything and don’t want to contribute to the mental minefield that is today.

Today we celebrate Duke Nukem and take the day off!
Today we celebrate Duke Nukem and take the day off!

This has actually become a tradition here at Shacknews and this happens to be the third year in a row we’ve taken the stance of “meh” on April Fool’s Day.

While there are sure to be some very humorous posts out there today, we don’t see much point in trying to filter out the facts from the fiction right now. We’ll all probably at least chuckle at one or two clever posts from corporations trying to be relatable there’s no real point in reporting on any of them. Instead today we encourage our staff, and all of you, to go out there and live in the moment. See what the real world has to offer. Live, laugh, love. Kiss a baby. Fall in love. Do something that makes you happy. Perhaps take up a hobby?

No matter how you choose to spend your Friday, we hope you enjoy it and that no one pulls some idiotic prank on you. We’ll all be back on Monday, and hopefully very well rested from a nice long three-day weekend. Until then, we hope you have a wonderful weekend as well and we’ll see you next week when we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Duke Nukem bless us, one and all!

Blake and Bill have been Co-EICs of Shacknews since September of 2020. They like long walks on the beach and tacos. They can be reached at and respectively.

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