Ordys's Rise puzzle solution - Elden Ring

Here's where to seek three wise beasts and solve the Ordys's Rise puzzle in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring features no shortage of puzzles for players to solve. One of which is Ordys’s Rise, a tower in Limgrave that’s sealed shut. The only clue given to players is to “seek three wise beasts.” We’re going to show you the solution to the Ordys’s Rise puzzle in Elden Ring, as well as the reward that’s waiting for you inside.

Ordys's Rise puzzle solution - Elden Ring

The book on the statue outside of the Ordys’s Rise tower asks you to “seek three wise beasts” here are each of the wise beasts being referred to in the clue.

The first wise beast is a ghost turtle that can be found in the bushes to the left of the stairs of the tower. Hit the turtle with a weapon and it will fade away.

The second wise beast is located in a pod to the right of the tower. This ghost turtle is actually invisible, but you can see it splash the water in the center of the pond. Approach the area and swing your weapon to kill the turtle.

The final wise beast, which is also a ghost turtle, can be found back on the pathway leading up to the tower. Hit it and kill it.

Once the final turtle is killed, the seal on the tower will disappear and you’ll be able to enter Ordys’s Rise. Inside the tower you’ll find a chest on the top floor. In that chest is a Memory Stone, a Key Item that will increase your memory slot, allowing you to have more spells at the ready. It’s a must-have item for any build that features a range of spells or incantations.

That’s the solution to the Ordys’s Rise puzzle in Elden Ring. It’s just one of several towers found throughout The Lands Between. For more assistance, Shacknews’ Elden Ring strategy guide has everything you need to know.

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