How to break glowing statues - Elden Ring

Here's how you can break open those glowing statues in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring is jam-packed with interesting secrets to discover. One of the many mysteries that players will come across are the cracked statues with a glowing blue aura inside. However, these statues won’t break from the swing of a standard weapon. Instead, you’ll have to get a bit creative in order to smash them open and claim the reward inside. Here’s how you can break those glowing statues in Elden Ring.

How to break glowing statues - Elden Ring

To break the glowing statues in Elden Ring, you’ll need to lure a stronger foe into hitting it. The best example of this is a troll, which can be conveniently found near a lot of the game’s glowing statues. Get close enough to the creature or attack it so that it begins to pursue you. Lead it to the statue, and then dodge out of the way just before it can hit you. When the attack hits the statue, it will break open, revealing its contents.

Elden Ring’s glowing statues have Smithing Stones inside, which are used to upgrade various weapons at anvils. If you’re looking to strengthen your armaments, you’ll need to have a decent collection of Smithing Stones. Most of the stones found in glowing statues are lower leveled, but you’ll need them to start upgrading.

While several glowing stones can be found near trolls in the open world, there will be times where players find them in locations where trolls aren’t. Here, you’ll need to look for other powerful creatures and employ a similar tactic to get them to destroy the statue.

That’s how you break the glowing statues in Elden Ring. With that, you can claim some extra Smithing Stones from around The Lands Between and get to strengthening those armaments. Head over to the Elden Ring strategy guide for more help.

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