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Lost Ark controls and keybindings

Here are the controls and PC keybindings for Lost Ark.


Smilegate’s Lost Ark is a bustling MMO teeming with content for players to explore. The more time you spend with the game, the more important it is that you familiarize yourself with its various controls. With that in mind, let’s look at the full list of controls and keybindings for Lost Ark.

Lost Ark controls and keybindings

Here are all of the controls and keybindings for Lost Ark, as listed in the game’s settings.

Action Button
basic Controls
Move/Pick up/Interact Left-click
Attack Right click/C
Auto Move T
Awakening Skill V
Movement/Stand up Space
Interact 1 G
Interact 2 H
Change HUD B
Specialty Skill 1 Z
Specialty Skill 2 X
Show Loot NAme  Alt
Control Companion  Shift
Move Camera Mouse
Move Ship Left-click
Ship Horn C
Fast Sailing Space
Docking Mode Z
Auto Sailing T
Ship skin unique skill V
Skill 1 Q
Skill 2 W
Skill 3 E
Skill 4 R
Skill 5 A
Skill 6 S
Skill 7 D
Skill 8 F
Guild Skill 1 F5
Guild Skill 2 F6
Guild Skill 3 F7
Guild Skill 4 F8
Guild Skill 5 F9
Empty Slot 1 F1
Empty Slot 2 5
Empty Slot 3  6
Empty Slot 4 7
Empty Slot 5 8
Empty Slot 6 9
Slot Preset 1 Ctrl + Q
Slot Preset 2 Ctrl + W
Slot Preset 3 Ctrl + E
Slot Preset 4 Ctrl + R
Battle Item 1 1
Battle Item 2 2
Battle Item 3 3
Battle Item 4 4
Quest Item 1 F5
Quest Item 2  F6
Quest Item 3  F7
Quest Item 4 F8
Quest Item 5 F9
Quest Item 6 F10
Quest Item 7 F11
Character Profile P
Inventory I
Combat Skills K
Trade Skills L
Emotes Y
Rapport Alt + N
Play Instrument F2
World Map M
Overlay Minimap Tab
Friends U
Guild Alt + U
Quest Journal  J
Roster O
Achievements Alt + O
Adventurer's Tome N
Codex Alt + D
Card Catalog Alt + C
Lost Ark Shop F4
Engraving Bonus Alt + I
Una's Tasks Alt + J
Titles [
Mounts Alt + V
Calendar  Alt + H
Collectibles Alt + L
Guild PvP Combat Info Alt + B
Find Party ;
Pets Alt + P
Raid Settings Alt + A
Bifrost Alt + W
Stronghold Community  Alt + G
Book of Coordination Alt + Z
Market Alt + Y
Global Chat ]
Presets Alt + E
Screenshot Print Screen
Hide UI Alt + X
Zoom In Mouse wheel forward
Zoom Out Mouse wheel backwards
Target Context Menu Ctrl + Right-click
Change Cursor Color Ctrl + Mouse wheel scroll
Preset 1 Ctrl + A
Preset 2 Ctrl + S
Preset 3 Ctrl + D
Preset 4 Ctrl + F
Preset 5 Ctrl + G
Voice Chat Menu Alt + '
Push to Talk '
Party Voice Chat NL1
Game Voice Chat NL2
Guild Voice Chat NL3

Here are the controls for Lost Ark on an gamepad. The game is available for PC only, but it's compatible with Xbox controllers.

Xbox controller
Action Button
Move/Pick Up/Interact Right thumbstick button
Basic Attack X
Movement/Stand Up A
Skill 1 LB + X
Skill 2 LB + Y
Skill 3 LB + B
Skill 4 LB + A
Skill 5 LT + X
Skill 6  LT + Y
Skill 7  LT + B
Skill 8 LT + A
Guild Skill 1 LB + D-Pad Left
Guild Skill 2 LB + D-Pad Up
Guild Skill 3 LB + D-Pad Right
Guild Skill 4 LB + D-Pad Down
Guild Skill 5 LT + D-Pad Left
Awakening Skill LB + LT + X
Specialty Skill 1 Y
Specialty Skill 2 B
Control Companion LT + Right Thumbstick button
Ship Horn X
Fast Sailing A
Docking Mode Y
Auto Sailer B
Empty Slot 1 RB + X
Empty Slot 2 RB + Y
Empty Slot 3 RB + B
Empty Slot 4 LB + RB + X
Empty Slot 5 LB + RB + Y
Empty Slot 6 LB + RB + B
Slot Preset 1 RB + RT + D-Pad Left
Slot Preset 2 RB + RT + D-Pad Up
Slot Preset 3 RB + RT +D-Pad Right
Slot Preset 4 RB + RT + D-Pad Down
Battle Item 1  RT + X
Battle Item 2 RT + Y
Battle Item 3 RT + B
Battle Item 4  RT + A
Quest Item 1 RB + D-Pad Left
Quest Item 2  RB + D-Pad Up
Quest Item 3 RB + D-Pad Right
Quest Item 4 RB + D-Pad Down
Quest Item 5 RT + D-Pad Right
Quest Item 6 RT + D-Pad Up
Quest Item 7 RT + D-Pad Right
Interact 1 Left Thumbstick button
Interact 2 RB + Left Thumbstick button
Change HUD Start
Character Profile LB + Start
Inventory D-Pad Left
Game Menu RB + Start
World Map Select
Overlay Minimap RB + Select
Play Instrument D-Pad Up
Emotes D-Pad Right
Voice Chat Window LT + D-Pad Down
Push to Talk D-Pad Down

Those are all of the Lost Ark controls and keybindings. If you don't like them, they're all fully customizable. If you're looking for more assistance with Lost Ark, Shacknews is your place.

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