Where to find the falling star crash site - Elden Ring

Discover where the "falling star bit the earth" in Elden Ring so you can continue on your quest.


As part of your journey through Elden Ring, you will be tasked with meeting a character where the “falling star bit the earth”. This can be a bit difficult to find, as the map doesn’t change and there are so many places it could be. If you need a hint of where to look, we can help you there. We’ve also got the exact location of where to find it.

Where the falling star bit the earth

elden ring where the falling star bit the earth crash site
Blaidd will ask you to meet him "where the falling star bit the earth".

For those that just want a hint of where the falling star bit the earth in Elden Ring, here it is: look for bits of the earth floating up from the land. The impact was strong enough to send some material skyward. You could try using the bird’s eye spyglasses that are dotted around the map to help you find it.

Need another hint? It’s not as far north as Liurnia of the Lake, the home of sorcery and all things related to the stars. You will want to search a bit south.

elden ring spoiler alert

If you need a more direct answer, here you go: you can find the falling star crash site in the south of Limgrave, specifically, in the Mistwoods. There will be a massive hole in the ground near the fort. This is where the “falling star bit the earth” that Blaidd the Half-Wolf spoke of.

elden ring falling star location
The falling star crash site is found in the Mistwoods, the eastern part of Limgrave.

The difficulty of finding the falling star is that the map doesn’t change and, if you’re not paying attention, you might not know the exact trajectory. Thankfully, all the rocks floating in the air should help you track it down the star's crash site. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Elden Ring strategy guide for more guides to help you navigate the massive world.

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