Shack Chat: What do you think the Capcom clock is counting down to?

Capcom is counting down to something, and we want to figure out what.


Earlier this week, Capcom shared a timer that's counting down to this Sunday, February 20. However, the company provided no additional information as to what exactly the timer is counting down to. Like everyone else, we're dying to know what Capcom has up its sleeve for this week. Ahead of the official reveal, we're going to predict what Capcom is counting down to.

Question: What do you think the Capcom clock is counting down to?

Dead Rising reboot - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Countdown Clock Editor

There's almost no chance this happens, but I couldn't help but think about this after Maximilian Dood and his crew brought it up as an outside possibility. What Capcom series uses countdown clocks? Dead Rising! So, then, a new Dead Rising would totally fit this reveal. It's not like Capcom does countdown clocks everyday.

The natural problem with this is that Dead Rising isn't exactly in a great place at the moment. In fact, Capcom Vancouver, the keeper of the series, was shut down after the last game totally fell on its face. Turns out that Frank West's Wacky Christmas Story didn't resonate for a variety of reasons, like the removal of the countdown clock. See? Countdown clocks are important.

That's why I'll say that if, on the off chance, this is a new Dead Rising, it's a total reboot in the vein of the new Saints Row and we start all over again. Frank's covered wars, I think he deserves a rest anyway.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Donovan Erskine, Zombie Editor

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one. It’s not much of a secret that Capcom is working on a remake of Resident Evil 4, and many reports point to an official reveal in the first half of 2022. Besides, the font of the countdown timer itself looks very Resident Evil-esque.

I think that the clock is counting down to the official reveal of Resident Evil 4 Remake, and I hope I’m right. I missed out on the original but have heard amazing things. I don’t feel very enthusiastic about going back to the original game, but would excitedly jump into a remake. I loved RE2 Remake and dug RE3 Remake, so let’s keep that train rolling.

Marvel vs Capcom Something - Blake Morse, Gonna take you for a ride

Is it more likely that the clock has something to do with the RE4 remake? Maybe. But I would personally be much more elated to find out we were getting some sort of collection that housed all the games from the Marvel vs Capcom series along with all the Marvel stand-alone fighters like X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes.

I would also not be upset if a new installment of Marvel vs Capcom was announced. They really owe us big after that last iteration, dammit! And at this point Marvel is no longer trying to distance itself from its mutant characters thanks to the big D (Disney) buying up FOX, which could herald a new renaissance for the franchise. Hopefully we’ll get to see worlds collide once more at the end of this mystery clocks’ countdown.

Dead Rising - Sam Chandler, He’s covered was, y’know?

The Dead Rising series has been on a slow downward trend ever since the third main entry in the series. I think it’s time for Capcom to return to its roots and really embrace what the original two were: a big ol’ shopping area full of zombies, wacky ways to kill them, and a time limit that pushed you forward along the main story. Look, if I’m not getting a brand new entry, I’d at least love a remake of the original.

It had better fuqn be Power Stone - Chris Jarrard, Won’t care unless its Power Stone

C’mon, Capcom. Please do the needful. We don’t need more Resident Evil remakes and countless Monster Hunters. Give us something from one of your actually cool IPs. I need Power Stone on consoles, Switch, and PC with modern controller support and seamless online play. I’m not asking for the world here, just for you nice folks to stop ignoring your good games just to rehash games that weren’t even good on the first run.

Pretty sure that’s a Resident Evil font - TJ Denzer, Senior News Editor

I’d like to hope it’s something unexpected. It sure would be cool to get a new Dino Crisis, Vs. Capcom, or something like that, but to me, the countdown looks like it’s in the font close to what Resident Evil games generally use. It’s also got such muted colors.

It might be a misdirect, but the aesthetic there doesn’t look like something that would be used for Street Fighter 6 or a Vs. game. In all likelihood, it seems like it’s about time to either announce some new content for Resident Evil Village or finally unveil the horribly kept secret that is Resident Evil 4 Remake. Ultimately, something Resident Evil is what I think we’ll be getting.

That said, if we can dream, a new Bionic Commando would be pretty neat.

Darkstalkers or Mega Man - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, Monster Masher

Capcom has a countdown clock on their website so it gets you thinking, what are they going to show off when that clock strikes zero? I’ll give you two things I would love to see once that timer goes off. A new Darkstalkers game, since it’s been a long time since the last one.

I can remember playing Darkstalkers in the local Pizza Hut as a kid and loved it. Darkstalkers is one of the few fighting game franchises I like, along with Mortal Kombat. On the other hand, throw some love to the Mega Man fans by bringing out a new Mega Man or Mega Man X game. It would be something if Mega Man 12 or X9 is announced soon, but I doubt it. The clock will probably be something Street Fighter or Resident Evil related but my old school mind can hope!

Street Fighter 6 - Dennis White, Community Manager

I honestly think Resident Evil 4 makes sense or RE Village DLC but as a Fighting game fan, I have to imagine Street Fighter 6 news isn’t too far off. The game has been in development for awhile and the last character, Luke will be in that game. Capcom Cup and Pro Tour plans are being adjusted but EVO and other events are still happening. An announcement here would line up well with a playable demo or exhibition being shown off at a tourney event.

The timing feels right for a release this year if the pandemic allows in person events to happen. Time will tell if this ends up being a PS4/PS5 exclusive. I believe there will be a Super or Ultra edition down the line exclusively for next gen. So yeah that’s my guess. We did just see Street Fighter characters revealed in Magic the Gathering this week so maybe it isn’t a coincidence. Fingers crossed that there’s more next gen fighting game news to get hype about.

Something Resident Evil related - Morgan Shaver, friendly neighborhood Resident Evil enthusiast

Going to give the incredibly boring answer of the countdown clock being tied to something Resident Evil related. Obviously I’d love to see something like a remake of Resident Evil 4 announced, that’s top of my list, but I’d be just as happy with an announcement regarding DLC for Resident Evil Village. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear more about Resident Evil Re:Verse (I say, cringing at the thought).

It wouldn’t be the only announcement of course, it’d most likely be tied to a DLC reveal for Resident Evil Village, but a release date update for Re:Verse has to drop eventually given it was delayed to 2022, and it’s now 2022. Either way, Capcom will undoubtedly make some sort of Resident Evil-related announcement this year, so why not make it flashy with a countdown clock?

Those are the announcements we're expecting to see this Sunday. What are the odds that Capcom delivers something that none of us are expecting? Sound off and let us know what you're hoping to see in the Chatty!

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