How to get the Hoverboard Mount - Lost Ark

Here's how you can unlock the Neugier Gold Hoverboard Mount in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark gives players a range of options in traveling, including by land, sea, and teleportation through Triports. On land, players can hop on the back of their Mount to get around an area a bit faster. There are several Mounts to be unlocked in the game, including horses, dinosaurs, and even Pinatas. However, it’s the Neugier Gold Hoverboard that’s got players in a frenzy. Let’s look at how you can unlock the Hoverboard Mount in Lost Ark.

How to get the Neugier Gold Hoverboard Mount - Lost Ark

The Hoverboard Mount can only be unlocked through Twitch Drops. You’ll have to make your way to a partnered Twitch channel that’s live playing Lost Ark, and watch for a total of four hours in order to get the Hoverboard Mount in-game. There have been several tiers of Lost Ark content exclusively tied to Twitch Drops, and the Hoverboard Mount is a part of Tier 4. When you enter a stream, select your icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and you should see a progress bar under Drops. Once this reaches 100%, the Drop is ready to claim.

Be sure that the stream you’re watching is indeed giving away the Hoverboard Mount Twitch Drop, and not one of the other Lost Ark items. Most streamers will specify in their title, but the Drop notification itself will also tell you specifically what reward you’re working towards. Streamers that we can confirm are giving away the Hoverboard Mount Twitch Drop for Lost Ark includes poopernoodle, amzngtom, abadassunicorn, Fextralife, AresLPs, and jessirocks.

Once you’ve earned your Twitch Drop, you’ll need to make sure your Steam account is connected to your Twitch in order to redeem it. Once it’s claimed, the Hoverboard Mount will be available in Lost Ark. Load into the game and click on your Product Inventory, which will be on the bar at the top of the screen. Redeem the item and the Hoverboard will appear in your inventory. Right-click it from your inventory to add it to your available Mounts. Open the Mount Menu (ALT + V) and select the Neugier Gold Hoverboard to begin riding it. You can drag the Hoverboard’s icon onto your Hotbar for quick access.

That’s how to unlock the Hoverboard Mount in Lost Ark. If you’re jumping into Lost Ark for the first time and need some help along the way, let Shacknews give you a hand.

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