Unboxing & Review: The Simpsons Arcade1Up Cabinet

We built and reviewed one of Arcade1Up's latest excellent collaborations. Is The Simpsons Arcade1Up a Homer-run or a kick in the Duff?


Konami’s arcade take on The Simpsons is one of the legendary gems of the arcade scene and a much-beloved game among fans. Arcade1Up floored many when they announced they would be adapting the classic Simpsons arcade to an Arcade1Up design, but the mad lads did it. Recently, Arcade1Up was kind enough to send over this cabinet. Check out the video below as I unbox, build, and review Arcade1Up’s Simpsons cabinet and the games that come with it.

Building the cabinet wasn’t very hard, and I was fairly impressed with the improved quality of this cabinet from previous Arcade1Up products I have seen and interacted with. It took me about 3 and a half hours with some mild user error, so I estimate it would actually take around 2 and a half hours to put together. Once it’s set up, it’s easy to feel the quality increase. The Simpsons Arcade1Up what feels like sturdy wood panels, a riser, a stool, a light-up marquee, and fun, Arcade1Up coin panel décor. It also features solidly working offline and online versions of the original Simpsons arcade game, as well as Simpsons bowling, which operates off a center trackball.

I’m not without gripes on The Simpsons Arcade1Up cabinet. I feel the trackball is a bit delicate compared to other arcade trackballs I have used on games like Golden Tee and Centipede. I also feel Homer’s buttons are oddly placed on the control deck to make room for the trackball. Even further, while I appreciate the raised quality in Arcade1Up’s parts, I also have to address that this has raised the price on this machine, making it one of their most expensive at $699.99 USD retail.

Even so, it’s a sturdy and solid-playing cabinet and the built-in WiFi means you can play the game with other Simpsons Arcade1Up cabinet owners if you don’t have some local friends there to join up on the game. All in all, this is still an excellent quality cab based on a legendary classic that I have longed to invite into my home. You can invite it into your home as well on the Arcade1Up website and their partnered retailers.

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