How to heal Operators - Rainbow Six Extraction

Here's how you can heal your Operators and get them back in the fight in Rainbow Six Extraction.


Rainbow Six Extraction is a tougher game than most people are anticipating, requiring careful planning and execution to complete its objectives. It also features a brutal health system that makes every bit of damage you take significant, potentially rendering your favorite Operator inactive because they aren’t healthy enough to join an incursion. If that’s the case, healing your Operator is going to be a time-consuming process in a very literal sense.

How to heal Operators

How to Heal Operators Rainbow Six Extraction

The only way to heal an Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction is through the passing of time. When an Operator is missing health, they will gain some of it back as you embark on Incursions with other Operators. How much health they gain back during an Incursion is directly tied to the level of success you have. I’ve gone on Incursions where I failed the first objective, and when I got back my injured Operators had gained 2 HP. That’s not a typo, it was actually 2 HP. The way to increase this is to complete some objectives and successfully extract. Doing this will increase the amount of HP injured Operators recover.

Healing an Operator during an Incursion is done through in-level pickups or potentially teammates providing a boost to your health stat. This displays as a blue bar instead of the core health bar, which is white. Getting a boost to your health during an Incursion does not increase your core health. When that Incursion ends, you lose that bonus health and will need to depend on the passing of time to increase your Operator’s core health reading.

While this might be frustrating for people who wish to run the same Operator over and over, that’s kind of why this exists. It’s clear that Rainbow Six Extraction is a game about teamwork and squad composition. The developers want you to build a strong team and experiment with different Operators and gadgets. This is how players are nudged to do so, and it’s rather refreshing.

Now that you know how to heal your Operators, be sure to visit our Rainbow Six Extraction topic for more guides on what’s looking like a cool co-op shooter.

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