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Is Wordle's solution word the same for everyone each day?

If you're wondering if your Wordle solution is the same for you as your friends, we have the answer.


Wordle has stormed the internet and captured the interest of millions of players. The perfect way to start your day, Wordle is a quick and positive game that is fun to share with your friends. The question that this brings up is whether the daily Wordle solution is the same for all players.

Is the Wordle solution the same for all players?

Daily Wordle Solution Same Everyone

Yes, the Wordle solution is the same for everyone each day. You’re seeing the same word as everyone else on the internet, so feel free to boast about how you correctly guessed the word and your friend didn’t, or stew about how you missed out on an easy one – totally didn’t happen to me today – while everyone else nailed it in three tries. It’s part of the beauty of Wordle, really. People can feel connected to other people because we’re playing the same game on a level playing field. It also helps that Wordle seems to have been created by a person who isn’t interested in ruining it for cash.

There you have it, the Wordle solution is the same for every player each day. If you missed out on an easy one, you can try again tomorrow with the rest of us. If you nailed it, you can try to keep your streak alive when tomorrow’s puzzle goes live. You can also read more about Wordle on Shacknews, as we’re properly obsessed with this game, and you should be too.


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