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EPOS H6PRO review: Clean open acoustic audio

The EPOS H6PRO delivers exceptional sound with convenience thanks to its open acoustic design.


EPOS’ line of headsets offers a higher-end experience for gamers on all platforms. Their range of products is also tailored to the different needs and preferences of players, offering multiple ways to connect, and unique audio settings. The H6PRO is among the company’s latest offerings, and I had the chance to spend some time using a pair. The EPOS H6PRO is a stellar headset that hits on comfortability, quality, and convenience.

Loud and clear

In the box, buyers get the H6PRO headset, as well as two GSA 30 cables, one for consoles and one for PC. Playing on PC, setup is as simple as connecting one end of the cable to your headset and the other side to the respective microphone and headset ports on the back of your rig. On consoles, the other GSA cable just needs to be plugged into your controller’s microphone port. Switch players will connect it directly to the device itself.

The EPOS H6PRO features an open acoustic design, meaning that outside sounds can make it through to your headset. Closed vs open acoustic comes down to a matter of preference, but as someone who lives alone, I really appreciated the H6PRO’s open acoustic design. I often have much more going on outside of my games, and it was convenient not having to take my headphones off or remove an ear cup when I needed to put my attention elsewhere.

Speaking of ear cups, the headset itself is incredibly lightweight, maybe the lightest gaming headset I’ve ever used. Long hours of headset usage can start to wear on the top of your head and ears, but that wasn’t the case with the H6PRO. The ear cups are made from a cushion material that feels soft around my ears, and I usually can’t even feel the rest of the device sitting on my head. There are also numbered levels on the headband adjuster, making it easy to make sure both sides are balanced.

Can you hear me now?

The H6PRO also doubles as a microphone, with a boom arm attached to the side. The quality was exceptionally good, especially for a built-in microphone. It’s easily better than most console mics out there and is pretty serviceable on PC. The one frustration with the headset’s design comes in the audio dial. The flat design not only makes it awkward to spin with your finger but there’s also no way to easily discern what volume the knob is adjusted to. I was constantly rotating the audio dial, either accidentally turning my volume all the way down, or blasting my ears with audio as I tried to find a good medium

The microphone has a lift to mute functionality and is also detachable. Being able to remove the microphone adds to the convenience, as I like to use the headset for strictly listening and my desk mic for speaking. Being able to detach the microphone also makes the headset even sleeker than it already is.

A sound product

The EPOS H6PRO is a gaming headset that delivers a high-quality audio input and output. However, where the accessory really excels is in its comfort and convenience, with soft ear cups and an open acoustic design that makes it easier to hear the world around you. The H6PRO is a more than viable option for anybody looking for a high-end upgrade to their audio setup.

This review is based on a physical product provided by the publisher. The H6PRO is available now on the EPOS website for $179 USD.

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