Star Wars: The Old Republic - Legacy of the Sith preview

We got an early look at how BioWare is shaking things up for The Old Republic with the Legacy of the Sith expansion.


Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to be one of the most popular ongoing games, with BioWare consistently supplying players of the MMORPG with new content to dive into and explore. The latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, brings new villains and unexplored areas of the galaxy. I had the chance to take a look at what the developers have been cooking up.

New and familiar faces

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Legacy of the Sith introduces a new storyline, centered around the villainous Darth Malgus. Following his last defeat, from which he was presumed dead, Malgus will continue to serve as an antagonistic force for players. The odd thing this time around is that it's still a mystery what Darth Malgus is planning, and players will go looking for answers in the upcoming expansion.

Major Anri is another returning face in Legacy of the Sith. This Imperial Commando will continue her story when fans dive into the expansion. Jedi Arn Peralun is back as well, and plays a key role in the story. Freshly graduated from Jedi school, Arn is on a mission to Manaan when the Empire invades. He’s the character that initially spreads word of the invasion to the Republic.

Players will also get to see a fan-favorite in Legacy of the Sith when they interact with Lana Beniko. This Sith Lord will accompany the player on their adventures if they choose to play through the new content solo.

Colonel Gallo is a brand new Selkath character that will begrudgingly ally themself with players during the events of Legacy of the Sith. Not a fan of the Republic or the Empire, Gallo will work with players to save her home from the Imperial invasion.

The far reaches of the galaxy

One of the primary locations for Legacy of the Sith will be the ocean planet of Manaan, which players have previously visited. However, the planet will look much different this time around. The Sith Empire has invaded, making the tranquil atmosphere of Manaan a thing of the past. The Sith are seizing the planet to take its Kolto and use it for their own forces.

Legacy of the Sith also brings a new Flashpoint in Elom, which will see players in hot pursuit of Darth Malgus. This chase brings players to an ancient ruin on Elom where Malgus was reportedly last seen. In addition to a new Flashpoint, Old Republic players will also be able to enjoy The R-4 Anomaly, the game’s latest Operation. The developers described the atmosphere of The R-4 Anomaly as “space horror” while still being true to Star Wars. The base is dark and abandoned-looking, with a red glow illuminating its halls.

The R-4 installation is a secret research base built into an asteroid by the Empire. It’s now controlled by an obscure cult named “The Unmasked,” that’s obsessed with finding ways to blend The Force with technology in order to make themselves some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. It’s an issue that has caused concern for both the Sith and Jedi, and players can infiltrate this base along with up to seven squad members as a part of Legacy of the Sith.

A battle for power

Legacy of the Sith is looking to not only move the story forward, but to give players a satisfying crop of content that they can dig into. Fans can check it all out for themselves when Star Wars: The Old Republic: Legacy of the Sith releases later this year.

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