How to revive teammates - Battlefield 2042

See a teammate on the ground you want to bring back from the dead? Here's how revives work in Battlefield 2042.


Battlefield 2042 has a lot of moving parts with the way Specialists work and classes no longer being a thing. Those moving parts can make certain game mechanics murky, like how to revive teammates who are downed on the field. In this guide, I’ll explain how to revive teammates in Battlefield 2042.

How to revive

Revives work differently across each of the modes found in Battlefield 2042. For this reason, I’ll break it down by mode so that you can find the information specific to the game type you’re planning to hop into. However, the actual act of reviving someone works the same across all modes. If a downed player is eligible for you to revive them, they will have a circle over their body with a pulse monitor. If you approach that player, you can press the prompt to initiate the revive. By default, this will be X on the Xbox consoles, Square on the PlayStation consoles, and E on the PC. You can configure how revives work in the game’s settings, so poke around to find what works best for you.

Revive in All-Out Warfare

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You can only revive players in your squad in All-Out Warfare unless you are using Specialists Maria Falck or Constantin “Angel” Anghel. Maria and Angel can revive any player, no matter the squad, as they are essentially medics. Maria is a Combat Surgeon, which allows her to revive players to full health when they are down. This is a huge benefit in battle, as it gives revived players a better chance to stay alive when brought back from the brink. Angel can also revive any player on his team, and when he does, they will come back with bonus armor thanks to his Trauma Specialist designation. If you aren’t playing as Maria or Angel, you can only revive players in your squad, and they will not come back to life with any bonuses.

Revive in Hazard Zone

Reviving a player in Hazard Zone is slightly different than other game modes. In Hazard Zone, you are in a small squad that is up against other small squads. When you lose all your health you’ll enter a downed state, but you will be able to crawl around the map unlike All-Out Warfare. This allows you to crawl to cover to get a revive from your teammate. However, you can also be finished off. If you’re in a downed state and an opposing player puts a few more rounds into you, you cannot be revived. Thankfully, Hazard Zone also features something called Reinforcement Uplinks. These are a way that you can be respawned back into the game even if you are finished off. It’s also worth noting that the Specialist bonuses from Maria and Angel are valid in Hazard Zone.

Revive in Battlefield Portal

Revives in Battlefield Portal are easy to explain because they work the way they did in the original games. Take Battlefield 3 for example. If you want to revive someone, you must have the Defibrillator that comes with the Assault class. You can’t just run onto the field as an Engineer and think you can revive teammates, because that’s not the way it works. Reviving works the same in that you approach a downed teammate and zap them with the Defibrillator, but you must have the item in your kit.

Now that you understand how to revive teammates, head over to our Battlefield 2042 topic page for more guides on this massive first-person shooter.

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